It all comes down to this

I really do enjoy playoff hockey.  After a long season, all my teams are either in playoff tournaments or have just completed them.  One of my teams is already out, while 3 others are in for their various playoff tournaments.  Back in the day, I was all about playoff hockey.  It was a make or break time for me, and I had a lot of success in playoffs as a result.  It wasn’t all me mind you.  Mainly because I had great performances but I had a share of bad ones as well.  You still remember the good times a lot more than the bad ones.  This is true of any team sport I have ever played.

Yet, this time around I am more nervous than anything else.  It has been a full year since I lifted a championship trophy.  My team isn’t an odds on favorite to win, and being 41 doesn’t quite make things easier for me.  While I am a decent goalie, I am by far not stellar, and there are many stellar goalies out there that can steal games better than I can.  Being a little nervous is a good thing for me to be honest.  It means I will be more attentive and focused on the puck.  It also means that I will be very focused on my mistakes if I make any.  Rebounding from those mistakes will be key.

Here is to hoping that everything falls into place for my first game tonight.  If I play solid tonight, then I should be mentally ready for Saturday.