Disappointing Finish

When it comes to playoffs, I have always made a note on my calendar to really put an emphasis on these games.  These are the games that I feel can make or break a team.  Winning playoff games can bring a team together.  Especially if it has been a tough year.  I also feel they make or break a goalie as well.  Key wins in playoff games can really do a lot for a goalie’s confidence.  My Tuesday night team played their first playoff game on Tuesday and we lost 4-1.  Two of those goals were empty netters, but the other two were far side shots.  One hit the far post and went in.  The other hit the far post and went top corner.  The story of the game wasn’t the two goals I let in, because they were very good shots.  The real story was our inability to score or the other goalie who seemed to stop everything that was shot in his direction.  The only goal we got was an easy tap in on the far side of the net after a bounce went our way.  Aside from that, every shot he faced, he stopped.

After that game was over, I was more than a little bummed out.  I knew deep down inside that we were a long shot to win a title this season, but I knew that we were better than that team.  We just couldn’t score more than 1 goal.  You have to score more than 1 to win a game in most circumstances.  Needless to say, bowing out in the first round is not a high note to end on.

I really have to pick up my game before my Thursday team plays their first playoff game in 2 weeks.