When a win feels like a loss

With the way this season has gone, a win on my ice hockey team should feel good.  We haven’t won a game since we won in the playoffs before the Christmas season.  That was the game my team turned in a 2-1 victory against the 2nd seeded team in the playoffs.  It was a game that we played well as a team, but I really excelled at.  It was the best game I played in a long time.  Well, last night we won our game and it was a 9-8 shootout.  My performance was subpar.  I really fought the puck all night and while I did make some decent saves, I really struggled.  The win was nice, but after the game I was feeling pretty down on myself for really stinking up the place, even though we won the game.

Got a stick right in my ribcage last night and today I am feeling it.  I am still looking forward to reffing a bit this weekend, but with my ribs hurting today, I am ready to rest a lot this weekend if possible.

Moving along

Hockey this season has been slow so far.  I had only two games last week due to the snowstorm that dumped over a foot on us.  Both of which were losses, but my roller team’s loss was a tight game which made me feel pretty good.  I really wish I could steal a game for my ice team, but so far I haven’t been able to do that.  This week I only get to play 2 games because one of my teams had a bye week.  Maybe I should be happy that I am getting a little downtime here and there. 

Last weekend on Sunday, I reffed and then played football in the snow in the annual super bowl showdown outside.  My body was pretty well aching by the time the first game was over.  Two days later, I was still recovering from that.  Last night in my game, my left knee was a little painful and I really didn’t want to butterfly much at all.  I hope it is better today, but it’s the first bout of knee pain I have had to deal with since last year.

Its February already, and speaking of moving along, time continues to move along at a rapid pace.  Life has been good to me, and I have had a lot of fun in my work, travels, and just in life in general.  Those good times just make things go even faster.  Its February already, and before I know it, March will be here, and then June and my birthday, and then December.

Just keep moving along, that’s the key.