Very difficult decisions

I am once again stuck with some very difficult decisions that I have to make in terms of playing hockey. These decisions I am going to be making are emotional ones, and odds are they will upset some people. They must be addressed because I am to the point where I am just spent physically.

Right now, I am playing 6 hockey games per week.

Donkey Punch, Malys, Stick Heads, Kodiaks, Structural Standards, and Marketlab.

My promise at the beginning of the season was to play with as many friends as I can before I am done playing. I have achieved that goal, but I have sacrificed something else. My body is sore and emotionally I am just spent. My struggles this season have a lot to do with being drained. Therefore, I have some very tough decisions to make that are going to upset a few of these teams. Not this season, but for seasons after that.

If I was to cut down to 4 games per week, I think that would be a lot more manageable.