One week off, one week on

Last week was a miserable week for me as I was laid up with the flu for all my games. Yet, my teams won all their games last week without me in net. This week I was back in net, and I still won all my games, including a sub game I played in on Wednesday night for my old CFS/Pratt Industries team.

The Fury are now 3-0 on the season after a 10-7 win on Tuesday. We jumped out to a 6-0 lead and then sat back on the lead not wanting to go down by 1 man by going up by 8 goals. I let in a couple bad goals, but played pretty well for coming back after a week off.

My Kodiacs team is only 1 point out of 1st place but we are ensured to be in 2nd place this season. We have 3 games to go, but can still take 1st. After winning on Wednesday, we keep the pressure on the first place team.

My Dragons team went 3-0 after a win tonight. I know its early, but I am hopeful they are going to keep this momentum rolling.

Overall, I am pleased with my start to my rollerhockey season and I am pleased with our run down the stretch in ice hockey.

The return of McCarty

Darren McCarty made his Griffins home debut last night and it was a phoenominal game thats for sure. He netted a hat trick and got an assist in a 6-3 Griffins win. As for me, it was one of the most memorable nights I have had going to a Griffins game. The energy in the arena and from the fans were just incredible.

I was excited as well. I spent the game with Jim, Pam, Todd, and Dave. All friends of mine who were great to talk to and share the moment with. Is this the top moment in Griffins history so far? I think top 5. The top moment being the first game they played here in GR. This was pretty damn close though. People don’t remember history very well, and are more willing to be in the moment than anything else.

Personally, this was the best Griffins game I have ever seen. I can only hope Saturdays game will be just as enjoyable.

I also couldn’t help but feel happy for Darren. Here is a guy who made some mistakes in his life, and who has worked hard to overcome them. It is my hope that he continues to work hard and overcome those problems that have plagued him. He may not make it back to the NHL, although I hope he does. If he never sees the NHL ice, I hope he keeps playing hockey for the enjoyment of the sport. He has a lot of fans and there are worse things in life than getting paid 70k a year playing for the Griffins.

Title defense starts tonight

My championship defense starts tonight with the Fury as we take on the Builders. Yes, my old Builders team who last season did a great job with a limited talent pool. I probably would have been with them this season if it wasn’t for the fact that they found a goalie last season when Woot and I were subbing for them while we played for our respective teams. The Stick Heads were the right team to play for, as much as I didn’t want to leave the Builders though. I had great success with them, but the Stick Heads were my team and to finish on the note we did was a great ending. Maybe the ending as a few of the Stick Heads may not return to the game.

All good things must come to an end I guess.

So now here I sit ready to start a new season. This time with players I have played with in the past. With friends that I have gotten to know through the years and new players who I have always wanted to play with. This is what hockey is all about.

My goal this season is to qualify for playoffs with both of my teams. Getting into the playoffs is the ultimate goal as anyone can win on playoff Saturday.

Back to work

Having no rollerhockey over the last couple weeks has been relaxing. However, it was back to work today in roller as I showed up for our Fury’s practice and it was a scrimmage against the top team in the league last year, The team that my Stick Heads came out and beat in the finals in OT. I played ok, but I was rusty and it showed. Both teams really didn’t play strong D and was just playing around. In the end, we lost 9-8 but as I said it wasn’t a big deal. There were some shots I should have had, but it was a good lead-in to next weeks opening of the new rollerhockey season.

I had to play ice an hour later and we won that game 8-3. It was tied after the first period as a few goals got by me that should never have gotten by. One was a five hole goal, and the other was a scrum in front of the net where I should have covered the puck. You live and learn I guess, but still, its chances like that where you just shake your head.

I have to get in better form for playoffs. I am already thinking to 6 weeks out when playoffs start, and my mind can’t be there. Anyone can win a 1 game playoff, and I have said since the beginning of the season this is my season to win my first ice hockey championship. That begins with playing solid in net now. Not waiting 6 weeks and then trying to play solid. I have to turn in a solid work ethic every game, and not saving myself for the future.

I need to do something about it.