Sometimes its difficult for me to put into words what I want to put into my blog. I know I want to talk about my games, but I just don’t know what I am going to type, so I will just let it go.

My Tuesday team this week pulled off a win which puts us in a very peculiar situation. We are 2 points back from the final playoff spot with 2 games to go. If we win out and the team ahead of us loses, we would have the tie breaker. Now, mind you, we have to beat the 1st place team the last game of the season and our game after the 4th of July week break. However, it is possible.

On Wednesday in my ice hockey game, we got another tie which makes us 0-4-4. If we can get our better guys to start showing up every week, we would be doing better. As it is though, we are treading water which is more than a couple other teams in the league are doing.

All in all, it has been a much better week so far. I have played pretty well, but not great. Still, a lot better than I played last week. With 3 weeks until playoffs, I have time to get my A game back. I think the week off next week will do wonders for my game. Playing 3 games a week at minimum may be taking a bigger toll on my body than I want to admit. The heat at Rivertown is not very comfortable thats for sure. However, I am dealing with it as best as I can.

A new week

A fresh start is what I need. After limping my way through some horrible games the last few weeks, I really need to find myself again. I have went 2-4 the last 2 weeks and in those two victorys, I have been subpar at best. Entering the stretch drive to the playoffs, I am in a very uneven situation.

My Tuesday team is in need of 3 victories in their last 3 games to make playoffs, which will be a very tough test. Dekleine Builders should clinch 1st place this week. My ice hockey team hasn’t won a game yet, but they have 4 ties and aren’t last in the division by far. Maly’s on Friday night is tied for 1st place with 3 games to go.

I am confident I will have 2 rollerhockey teams in playoffs in about 3-4 weeks. I would like to have 3, but that all depends on who shows up for my team tonight and the next 2 games on Tuesday nights.


Last night my ice hockey team had only 7 guys show up and that was the game in a nutshell. At the end of the first period it was 2-1. At the end of the second period, it was 4-1. The final was 7-1 and I was dead tired. One of my friends on the other team said I got “peppered” and that was an understatement.

Crawling into bed last night I was aching. I was diving all over the place in that game last night and I knew I would pay for it later. Today, I am much better, but I still have to think about what I did wrong in that game last night.

First off, my angles were off. There were a few goals I came out to play the puck and I was just off on my angles in which they were able to put the puck in the open net. A few shots went off me and still went into the net. I have been snakebit recently, and it just goes to show you just how bad it has been.

I need to play my angles better on Friday, and anticipate the shot a lot better than I am now. A few things to work on and hopefully break out of this slump on Friday.

Never give up

After reading my last thought on the game last night, I got to thinking…

Am I giving up here?

No, I am not. However my spirits are low and I need to exorcise those because having negative thoughts like that doesn’t bode well for my goaltending in other games. I have an ice hockey game tonight and then a game on Friday. Its important for me to be focused and loose for these games.

I am not going to throw in the towel yet on my Tuesday night team. There is a lot of hockey to play, and we do still have a chance to make it in the playoff picture.

If it wasn’t for bad luck

I seriously wouldn’t have any luck at all right now if it wasn’t for bad luck. After losing to a series of bad bounces and second guesses on Friday, I lost again the same way last night. I had a shot dip under my glove and into the net. Another one hit the crossbar, popped in the air, and dropped in behind me. It was just another series of bad luck goals, and on top of that, I was second guessing myself on my position everytime which meant I was sitting deep in my net and not confident.

Its also very discouraging when a few members of your team lose their cool and take ill advised penalities. With the game tied, we had 3 men in the box and the other team had a 2 man advantage. I know I had some bad luck bounces go my way, but we sure did shoot ourselves in the foot last night. Along with the smoking gun we held in our hand, we also shot away our chances to make the playoffs with this team. For the first time in a long time, I won’t get the opportunity to defend my title on Tuesday night, unless we get some serious help and we win our last 3 games.

The bumps, bruises, aches, and pains are a little more noticable now than they were 6 years ago. Aside from that, the emotional discomfort level is more than I want to admit. I am a competitive guy that wants to win. When I don’t play well, I call myself out on it. When my team doesn’t play well, I call myself out on what I could do better. While my last 2 games haven’t been my best, I have 2 other roller teams and 1 ice team to keep working on. They have playoffs coming up and the teams are driven to succeed.

On the good front, I had sushi yesterday for lunch and it was probably the best I have ever had. It was my 2nd time having it ever in my life, and I was a little nervous. However, it all turned out good. I should keep eating it here and there, but it isn’t the cheapest food thats for sure. Especially for good sushi.

Sometimes the game just turns against you

There are some games where you can just feel the flow. The puck looks huge and you make every stop look routine. Then you have a game like I had tonight which makes you look foolish and slow. The puck avoided me like 2 different polarity magnets. Every shot they had found the back of the net while we peppered their goalie and had problems scoring. I made a couple key saves here and there, but we still lost 10-7, which is the most goals I have given up in a long time.

One shot hit the post and rebounded off to another wide open forward who put it in the net. Another shot went off my blocker, popped in the air and dropped behind me and bounced into the net. The list goes on and on.

Its definitely a game I want to forget.

Livejournal Redirector

I have been playing with WordPress so much that I decided to add a little more functionality. I like the community blogging of Livejournal to a certain extent, so I picked up a Livejournal Crossposter that will hopefully sync my entries here on my blog to my livejournal account. I guess we will see if it works. 🙂

Envision the win

“Envisioning the win?”

That is what Eric asked me before our game. My team, Dekleine Builders, played Village Bike in what turned out to be a up again/down again game that ended the only way it could, in a 10 penalty forfeit. We went up 4-0 and Dekleine looked well on the way to victory. Then, Village came back to tie it 4-4. With less than 30 seconds left in the period, we scored to make it 5-4, and then the wheels came off. Village Bike took a bunch of rash penalities in the 3rd period and then forfeited the game with less than 8 minutes left in the game. It was a tough win to be honest, and I am convinced that Village can pull an upset if they play hard in the playoffs. Dekleine will need to be on their toes.

The good thing is that I won both games I played. The bad thing is that my body didn’t let me forget it. I played two games, went home, showered, and went to sleep. My feet were sore and my back was a little stiff. To be honest, it reminded me of playoff Saturday. Except this time I only played 2 games and was done. Maybe my age is catching up with me slowly or something.

Hanging tough

With 2 of my 3 teams sitting in a good position coming into the second half of the season, my 3rd team came up with a big 8-4 win last night. That win moves us up to 3-3 record. Our playoff fate will be decided in the next 4 games. Half of those games are very winable. I figure if we at least get 3 wins, that may be enough to get us into the playoff picture.

There is just something about my Tuesday team. They have the talent, and hustle, but I am struggling a bit. My goals against has been a tough pill to swallow for me so far, but I have time to pick it back up again. 4 games to go where our playoff fate will be decided.