The Detroit Red Wings

Well, here it is, game 6 is upon us.  After watching the Wings game on Saturday, I am convinced it isn’t a curse.  A curse you say?  There are a lot of people out there that are saying that the Wings are cursed in the first round of the playoffs.  I disagree.  I also disagree on the fact that Manny Legacy isn’t playing good playoff hockey.  Manny is playing as good as any goaltender in the NHL is playing right now.  So why are the Wings losing?

Edmonton is getting great bounces through this series.  Look at game 5 for instance.  Edmonton got not 1, not 2, but 3 deflection goals.  As a goaltender, I can tell you those shots are the hardest to stop.  Sure, there were 1 or 2 goals that Legacy should have stopped, but for the most part, this series isn’t being won or lost by goaltending. 

Nor is this won or lost by coaching.  Babcock is a great coach that has done very well in Detroit.  You know he will shoulder the blame for the loss, along with Legacy.  That is unfair in my opinion.  Seems that only Scotty Bowman can avoid being fired in Detroit for early playoff exits or upsets in the playoffs.

Edmonton is doing a good job clogging up the neutral zone with a 1-2-2 system that is killing the Wings offense.  Edmonoton is blocking shots and getting in front of the shooters.  In short, they are doing all the little things they need to do to win the games.

If the Wings lose tonight and are ousted from the Playoffs, it won’t be because of any of the things I mentioned.  It will be because the Oilers wanted it more.  Maybe time to shake this team up a little bit more?  I don’t know.  With Yzerman in his last season, and maybe his last game tonight or Wednesday nigiht, that is going to shake the team up more than any other roster move.