Adtran Store company introduction

Last week I was reeling from the server room move that I was about to do at work.

The server room move went as planned for the most part aside from a couple things that went haywire.  I expected these things to go wrong because they involved our oldest equipment.  They were our Adtran T1 boxes and our phone system.  Both over 8 years old.  I think we got over the hump though, but we still have some outstanding issues.

My hockey games this week were decent, but nothing amazing.  I lost my ice game on Tuesday 2-1, skated out and lost on Thursday 4-3, then lost today 6-3 in goal.  The game tonight is what hurt the worst.  I made some key mistakes while playing that cost my team 2 goals.  You remove those goals and our team is in that game all the way.  All 4 teams are making playoffs, so all I have to do is keep on working.  When the playoffs hit, all I have to do is put a solid effort forward and we have a chance.  Even against that stacked team we played today.

I see a lot of promise with Dekleine Builders (the team I played with tonight).  They have a lot of heart, hustle, and work well together.  They bring that on playoff Saturday, we are good to go.  Long season though.  We still have 6 more games to play.