The implosion begins

The last few weeks have been a serious low for me in hockey terms. I can’t remember the last game I won. Even routine saves I am having a problem with.

When I look at some of the more experienced goaltenders where I play at, the long shots aren’t a problem. In fact, teams will go for screens, rebounds, and play action passes to get good opportunities. It seems like I am letting in 1 or 2 of those long shots per game. That does not bode well for my teams that are already short on scoring punch.

Last night, the Bulldogs started cleaning up the roster for next session. Two members are gone after we lost 9-3. The issue is that it had to do with wanting to play and some of the players we had just were not doing that. When you aren’t doing that, you lose games. The Bulldogs are now 2-5 with 3 games to go. Our playoff hopes are done again and the goal I set for myself is also going unachieved, at least for this session.

Last night I thought about what I was going to say here, and it was all negative. I really don’t have many positive things to add right now. Maybe later….

Future of the Bulldogs

Its amazing how things change…

Just over the weekend, I was thinking of ways the Bulldogs could improve on this season.  Now, as time ticks down, I am concerned about the future of the team.  This team has always stood for honesty and loyalty.  With the increasing level of talent playing in Copper, we are finding some of the players on our team are having a hard time playing up to that standard.  This reminds me of the time when I was cut out of Bronze about 5 years ago.  Back then, the players were getting better, and I was still learning to play.  Now, its the same thing.

I don’t know what is going to happen to the Bulldogs next season.  Will they be together?  Will they not be playing at all?  Who will still be around?  I love playing in Copper, but even I am at risk here of not playing.  The idea of dropping to brass is a step back for me, but one that may be a reality from here on out.

I will talk about this later I suppose.  I need to sleep on it to get a more solid grip on what may, might, and/or will happen.


I am not talking about the 8-7 OT win last night. That wasn’t fustrating. It was my own emotions getting the best of me.

Last week, I made a big mistake and gave the other team a power play when it was a tight 3-2 game. They scored on that power play to make it 4-2. Fast forward to last night. We were down 6-5 and one of my teammates decides to check someone else from behind right in front of the ref. Then, after they score on the ensuing power play, I get upset and clap at that individual. Of course he gets upset and leaves. The problem is that the last two weeks I have been fustrated at times with the Bulldogs performance. That fustration has shown up during play and directed at some of my teammates. That is just unaccepable. It is not a positive way I can help the team and it shows me in a negative light.

I don’t know how badly I shunned this other player, but I will be thinking about it for some time now. It is time for an attitude adjustment again. It is unfortunate that I realize it too late before damage has already been done.

The good thing is that we did comeback from 2 goals down to win the game.

Adtran Store company introduction

Last week I was reeling from the server room move that I was about to do at work.

The server room move went as planned for the most part aside from a couple things that went haywire.  I expected these things to go wrong because they involved our oldest equipment.  They were our Adtran T1 boxes and our phone system.  Both over 8 years old.  I think we got over the hump though, but we still have some outstanding issues.

My hockey games this week were decent, but nothing amazing.  I lost my ice game on Tuesday 2-1, skated out and lost on Thursday 4-3, then lost today 6-3 in goal.  The game tonight is what hurt the worst.  I made some key mistakes while playing that cost my team 2 goals.  You remove those goals and our team is in that game all the way.  All 4 teams are making playoffs, so all I have to do is keep on working.  When the playoffs hit, all I have to do is put a solid effort forward and we have a chance.  Even against that stacked team we played today.

I see a lot of promise with Dekleine Builders (the team I played with tonight).  They have a lot of heart, hustle, and work well together.  They bring that on playoff Saturday, we are good to go.  Long season though.  We still have 6 more games to play.


After a game on Monday and Tuesday, I was off the rest of this week when it comes to hockey. It allows for my neck to get 100% better. I don’t think I rushed back to play. However, I know I was a little stiff so getting 100% is going to be key starting next week. In my spare time during this off week, I have been playing World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2. This is why I play hockey though. After about an hour of playing either of those games, I start getting the itch to play some hockey.

This weekend is a MONSTER weekend for me. I have a big server room move project at work I have to complete. It has been 2 months in the planning process. After that, I plan on eating a good dinner at Don Pablos and having a margaritta. 🙂