I really didn’t have any doubts in my mind, but my Bulldogs finished the season 10-0.  It is my very first undefeated season, and an exciting one at that.  I have already conditioned myself to play the same way next week in playoffs.  Why?  To be honest, I am not afraid of failing.  If we get ousted in the first round or in the finals, everyone will say it was a wasted season.  People will say that 10-0 doesn’t mean squat.  To me, it doesn’t matter what people think.  This has been a great ride, and my only regret was not giving the Bulldogs more love during the season.

Speaking of love loss, I still haven’t lost it all for the Stick Heads.  Today may have marked a huge step in my movement away from that team though.  The Bulldogs have been considering a move up to Copper division after this 10-0 season.  Although, we haven’t found the bodies yet, I think our team is all in for a move up.  We have certain people interested in playing if we move up, and I have started asking a few others.  In essence, this looks like it is going to work out.  What does that mean?  Well, my time with the Stick Heads is all but over for next session.  I never say never again, but I can tell who my friends are and the Bulldogs back me.  How successful will we be?  I have no idea.  This is a new start for me, and I am expecting some growing pains in that intermediate division with a new team that is not used to the competition.

Now, I have a full weekend off, and then it will possibly be my last game with the Stick Heads on Monday.  I have decided to play for Tenacious D the game before.  They deserve a fighting chance to slip into the playoffs.  I am going to give them that opportunity.  As for the Stick Heads, I will know by 8:00pm if we have a chance at 10 or not.

Right now, all I am thinking about….is Mission Accomplished.