Wheels coming off?

This title is mainly for my Stick Heads team. I can tell the grind is taking its toll on some members of the team. We have a little increased bickering between some of the team and I don’t know how to take it. I have heard rumblings from some members about moving on to other teams after this session is over. The only thing I can think about is the next game. I can’t worry about what everyone else wants to do or what will happen. We still have 6 games to play (plus playoffs hopefully) and I have to be the backbone back there.

I really haven’t mentioned much about my other three teams here, mainly because I have had my most memorable moments with the Stick Heads. I remember a time when I was never given a chance to play in a playoff game. I rode the bench as backup and watched the other goalie and my team lift that trophy. While I played a part in winning both those championships, I never went the whole way. The Stick Heads gave me that chance and I accomplished my mission. Four championships later, this team built me into the goaltender I am today.

Anyway, my other teams…

The Bulldogs got to 4-0 with a win over Vintage Painting by a final of 8-3. In another division, I play for Vintage Painting and we also moved up to 4-0 with a 2-1 win. My ice hockey team is slowly moving towards playoffs, but we didn’t have a game last week. We are right in the middle of the division standings and I feel we have a legit shot to make it deep into the playoffs this time. This team has not won a playoff game yet, and I have a lot to prove to myself and my team on this front.

I am tired tonight. I spent most of the day assembling canister filters for my fish tank and I hope to have it all assembled tomorrow. There is part of me that is worrying about these hoses and such falling off and flooding my room in here. 🙂

Until next time….

A drought?

As many Michiganders know, there is no drought right now in the big MI. The ground has been saturated outside. When I mowed the lawn the other day, the lower areas of my backyard were not even close to being dry. Out at the rink tonight, the Stick Heads experienced a drought in a 3-1 loss. It was the Stick Heads lowest goal total since the team first formed back over 3 years ago. Gotta give props to the Phantoms, they played an excellent game and their goalie stood on his head.

I did a pretty good job myself, but I made some critical errors and bailed myself out. I let in one of those goals, I am the goat. Instead, my confidence is still high after that loss, and all I can hope for is my team to rebound after a OT loss and a loss in their last two games.

It is difficult to describe how I am feeling right now. On one hand, we lost the game and I don’t feel good about that. On the other hand, I played a solid game and gave my team a chance to win. I stopped a variety of breakaways and good scoring chances. It was a game where my teammates gave me a lot of credit, and I am not trying to get absorbed into it. I appreciate it, but I still have a lot to prove to myself and my team.

On the way home, I started thinking about the playoffs last session and how well I did. I played probably my best day of hockey then, and I know that those days will only come once every 3-4 years. This season, I see how things are going and I wonder how we will do when the season is over at the end of July. The Stick Heads are only 4 games in, and my other teams are only 3 games in. A lot of hockey to play in a 10 game season. I have 20 games to go.

The one that got away

Last night, my thoughts consumed me. Then again it happened this morning.

What am I thinking about? That game last night.

It was a game that I know we should have won. With a depleted roster, we could have won that game. I made a couple critical errors in the last few minutes of that game which led to that loss. I am not heaping all the fault on my shoulders, but I feel I should have played a better game in those last few minutes. After a game like that, you can ask what if all you want, but the key is that you just have to work harder. I have many games to play before we play that Reforms team again. My goal is to be ready when that game comes about. The only way to be ready is to work my ass off and stay focused on the rest of the games here on out.

Not one of my best performances

I am just a little disappointed after my game tonight. It has been a week since my last game, but I should have played better than I did. With my team leading 5-4 with under a minute left, I made a mistake and left my post to allow the game tying goal and then I didn’t come out far enough and let a slapshot beat me in OT. To be honest, our full team wasn’t there tonight, but that is no excuse. Performances like that won’t win games.

On the other hand, it has been a great run for me. In the last few weeks, I haven’t lost many games. My teams have been playing exceptional, and I haven’t lost my confidence during a game in a long time. This is a good thing. It means my mind has been in the game no matter what the score. My focus has improved. Now I need to keep up that good work.

After the OT loss tonight, I am looking at the silver lining. First off, it is the Stick Heads second OT loss in 16 games. We haven’t lost in regulation since the season prior to this one. That shows how consistant the Stick Heads have been. This loss is not a killer one by far. It is one that I know I will remember, and I know I will have another opportunity to play this Reforms team again.

I have to give congrats to my team for the effort. We had key people step up and play well tonight even with the loss of our leading scorer and our top defenseman.

Next on the docket I have another roller game tomorrow, then ice on Wednesday, then roller again on Friday. All goaltender games, and all games I have confidence I will win. It is amazing how much of this game is mental. Just believing you are going to do well will do wonders.

Skating out has its advantages….and disadvantages

Everytime I skate out as a forward, I get a better idea of what the players go through. Sure, my experience as a goaltender has been a good one, but it is rare that you get a good idea of how people think out there with you. I am having a hard time trying to determine where the puck is going to go. I spent the first half of the game just skating around trying to catch the puck. The second half was better for me, but I still spent a majority of time trying to get the puck. I have a lot to learn when it comes to anticipating the pass or the shot on goal if I am going to stand in front of the net.

Speaking of the shot…when I get hit by a shot as a goalie, I have no fear. As a skater, I have been clocked a few times and man does it hurt. My right elbow hurts like hell after I took a puck there. My right upper leg is bruised like you wouldn’t believe from another shot. I keep knocking on wood that I haven’t been hurt yet for an extended period of time. Now I just hope I can make it through the season without getting clocked and out for an extended period of time.

At least I have the next few days off to heal. My next game is next week Monday. Gives me plenty of time to rest and recoup.

Going too well

Things have really been going in my favor hockey wise in the past couple weeks. I hate to say it, but I have been riding a winning streak with all my teams. I know the losses and wins can come in bunches, but I am enjoying this run. Last night, I thought the run was over against Carpe Poon in one of my games. We were trailing 4-1 halfway through the game and I had let through a couple questionable goals. The end result was a 5-4 OT win and I came up huge on a couple chances. My team was happy, but I wasn’t happy with that first period performance. Just like last session, I am going to have to prove to not only myself but my team that they can rely upon me playing solid. That is how we won so many tight games last season and how we will win more this season.

With the Red Wings eliminated, I have been taking the time to watch the other games of the playoffs. I am pulling for Tampa Bay to win their series. As for Calgary or San Jose, I could pull for either one. I want someone new to win the cup this season. It would be good for the NHL and the team involved. Calgary hasn’t won a cup in a long time. Tampa Bay and San Jose have never won it (I believe). I am not a fan of Philadelphia.

At least I am honest. 🙂

Tonight I get to skate out again in my second game with Vintage Painting. I had fun last game and I can see myself skating out in this division for a while. 🙂

As I sit here watching the Wings game…

I have to wonder what will happen during overtime. Will it be a thrilling win for the Wings? Will it be a bitter loss? I have seen both. I remember back in 1999 when the Wings lost in OT to the Kings. Again it was a OT loss against the Ducks last year. Will history repeat itself? Lets face it, if you are a fan of a team that is facing elimination, the game takes on a new meaning. Every chance the other team has you notice. Every chance your team has to win it seems to come few and far between.

Calgary just had two fantastic chances in front of the net and Cujo robbed Calgary.

Speaking of Cujo, let me sound off about something. I have always said that last year’s sweep in the first round of the playoffs was not his fault. This year, if the Wings lose this game, it will not be his fault. Except this year, more people will acknowledge it.

10:55 left in the first OT session.

Speaking of hockey, I had a good start with the Stick Heads tonight. We played the Rage, and the competition in the league is going to be a tough one. We lost Matt Ziegler, our leading scorer as well as Boston Billy, our 3rd leading scorer. We picked up another Matt, Matt Mead, to fill in the void left by the loss of our leading scorer. We had a rough start, and then we started clicking and then advanced to a 7-5 victory. While I was pleased with the victory, I have to keep working on my angles and then covering those rebounds. I got burned on a couple rebound chances.

6:30 left in the first OT session.

Going to finish watching this game, and then hitting the sack. I just hope for the best.

Not the best day

Ok, first off, other than work my day has been pretty cruddy.

First, I lost almost $700,000 in my HSX.com portfolio in one day. Second, in City of Heroes, I got killed twice and lost almost 1,100 in XP debt. Very gay.

Now that I think about it, the good things that happened last weekend more than make up for the bad today. Roll with the punches….

Heading to bed. Been a long day.