Thursday 11/13/03 – Smith-Diamond vrs Midstate Security

I had one of my worst games in a while in a 7-3 loss. I really don’t know what happened other than the fact I really wasn’t focused in that game. I gave up a few bad rebounds as well. A few members of my team said I played fine, but I disagree with them. I look at my last 3-4 weeks of games and I was playing very well. This game, I just didn’t play as well as I should have played. Any other day, it would have been a close game.

I really don’t remember all the goals, but I do remember key mistakes that I made.

1 – Shot top corner of the net. The problem is that I was down in butterfly and didn’t get up fast enough.

2 – Two on one chance. Pass across the middle to the open man in the slot who put it home. Nothing much I could have done there.

3 – Open man in the slot again who beat me five hole. I was a little irritated with that goal because I was expecting the pass a little and just didn’t react fast enough.

4 – Another 2 on 1 chance and another goal.

5 – Breakaway chance. I stopped the first shot but he put the rebound in on me.

6 – Another rebound and a 2 on 1 chance. I stopped the first shot but I got tangled up with my own defenseman and got scored on.

I don’t remember one of the goals, but I was not impressed with that game. My team played ok, but I just didn’t react like I have before. What made me successful was being focused and playing the shot and not the man. I got caught today playing the man more than a few times.

My confidence is still pretty high, and that is good considering my ice hockey team is playing the #1 team in the league here in an hour. I have my stuff together and am ready to give it a shot. I have no where to go but up after that first game.

Looks like only 2 games tomorrow

No big deal though. The game I was supposed to substitute in didn’t pan out. It just gives me a little more time to go home, have a snack, and wait for my ice hockey game.

Today was a good day overall though. I was real busy at work, as usual. Played online games and watched TV pretty much all night. About a couple hours ago, I really got the urge to play some hockey or go somewhere. I supressed that urge though, being as that I have a physical enough day tomorrow already planned out.

That typically happens though. The fact that I need to be constantly entertained or busy with something. Maybe I am not meant to be a couch potato because it can’t be just TV or a computer all the time.

Well, I am going to go watch more of this Toronto vs. Anaheim hockey game and then get some sleep. More to come later!


There was a song that was sticking out in my head since I heard it at the Ferris State Hockey game during the warmup. I am pretty impressed since I only knew a couple words of the song. I jumped out on google and did a search, and the first link was what I wanted.

I am also very impressed with my Copper hockey team. I have high hopes for this team now, but I am going to need to be solid and playing to a higher potential than I was.

Another solid performance

White Tigers vrs Storm – 11/10/03

Another solid performance by my team, the White Tigers. Gotta give credit to the Storm, it was a 2 goal game until the last 2 minutes of the game. The only goal I allowed in the 4-1 victory was a five hole goal I should have had. I wasn’t crouched low enough to take away the shot. In fact, it hit my stick and still went under my pad. I wish I could have seen if my stick was centered and I was holding it right.

That makes the White Tigers 2-1 so far this season, which is a great improvement from their 2-9 season last year. The games do get harder from here on out though. With teams like the Vipers, Legion, and Fury coming up. I wasn’t expecting a lot of success before this season started. If I keep playing the way I am now, I see no reason why we can’t get to 5 or 6 victories. Just all depends on how well my team plays and how well I can keep them off the board.

I am going to take the next couple days and just relax. I have 3 games to play on Thursday (one game as a sub), so I need to be rested for that day.

Most excellent weekend!

Well, its back to the salt mines tomorrow…but it was a great weekend.

The Matrix Revolutions was truely an excellent film. I wouldn’t say it was the best movie I have seen, but it was excellent. There were still a lot of questions that were unanswered in the film, but usually after I watch it a second time some of those questions will be answered. The same thing happened with Reloaded.

The hockey game in Ann Arbor was a great one. Ferris lost by a 3-2 score, but looked very good in the loss. They have some easier games coming up, and if Ferris plays like they did the last 3 games, they will have a strong finish to the season. There are obviously ways they could improve, and they will. It will take time.

Sunday was just a day of relaxation. Next weekend will be a little more low key with me traveling out to see my in laws. 🙂

This week I have one hockey game on Monday and two on Thursday.

Incredible Victory!

What a game!

It was probably the best game I have seen in years. Ferris State beating University of Michigan in front of a sold out crowd in overtime. The game from start to finish was just filled with energy and if you were even a slight hockey fan, it was well worth it to sit and watch. It kept everyone on the edges of their seats for the whole time. It didn’t matter what team you cheered for.

It was one of those games I expected a tie. Michigan scored with under a minute left in regulation to force OT. I just didn’t expect Ferris to get that deflection and win the game.

I will have more to say about this later. My recap is currently in at USCHO.

Tomorrow will be a big day. I have not only the game in Ann Arbor to watch, but I also have the Matrix Revolutions in IMAX at 1:00pm. Talk about a very busy day. The picture above is of the final goal celebration. I will have more pictures to come later and they will be in my freelance photography section.

Capitalize on your chances

That was the story of my team tonight. My team, Smith Diamond Reality beat Schutts Greenhouse by a final score of 4-3 in OT. It was a very hard fought game. Schutts had many chances and a few close in on me. A couple knicked the post and a few were wide open chances. The puck just wasn’t bouncing our direction all game. We had about five really good chances in the game and scored on four of them. The last one was a giveaway in their own zone to seal the victory. I didn’t play half bad, but I did make some mistakes.

1 – First goal scored when the offenseman had a couple chances to put it past me. I didn’t have my foot tight to the post when I went down in my butterfly.

2 – A nice 2 on 1 chance that they buried. Not really a chance on that shot.

3 – Another shot I should have had. Centering pass from behind the net that was real close to the post. I should have smothered it or knocked it to the side before it even got out in front. When it did get in front, I didn’t play the puck as well as I should have and he roofed it on me.

Overall, as I said before, not a bad game. There are some aspects I would have changed, but not much I can do now other than build on this game and keep working.

Now, I have a great deal of work to do this weekend for US College Hockey when Ferris State takes on Michigan in Big Rapids and at Ann Arbor on Saturday. In addition, I will also be watching the Matrix Revolutions on Saturday at the IMAX. I will be reporting in from time to time since I will need to do recaps and photos for both games anyway.

I am working on my links list on the left. I added US College Hockey since they are my side job in essence. I will be adding a couple more links as time goes on since I do work for more than just them. That isn’t my day job though. I am a network engineer and manager during the day. That pays the bills better than my journalism and photography job, trust me on that.

Until then, keep your stick on the ice!

Moving things over

I got to thinking that copying some of my old journal entries over may be a good thing. Then I can add some of them as memories and such. It will take some time to complete, but it will be worth it.

l am writing this on my palm using the graffiti pad. I need practice.

I just don’t get it

I just checked my voice mail at work and had 6 messages in the last 2 hours. All of them were solicitors wanting me to buy X product. I typically get about 2-3 a day, but the point is how many people buy their crap? I have no interest in any of this stuff and I don’t have the time to listen to all the sales pitches. It is just crazy.