Times and Technology

Its funny how time changes everything especially in technology.

On Saturday/Sunday, I installed a new server into my network at home.  My old server was dogging it as of late because I was loading too much onto it.  The primary thing it struggled to do was run Tversity which is a media server that can stream music and movies to my PS3.  After the upgrade, I used a program called PS3 Media Server that really does a better job than Tversity.  I then upgraded my FTP Server software and setup a web interface for it and made some improvements to the web interfaces on a lot of other software that ran on the server.  Now, I can fully administer my home network from anywhere and get any file that I want off my network at any time.  Its pretty slick.

I went grocery shopping last night, but not like you normally would.  I used a service called Meijer Grocery Express that is available at the Meijer close to me.  I placed my order online, selected my pickup time, and that was it.  They called me about 2 hours before my pickup time to ask if I could pick up closer to 7pm since I specified a 6pm to 7pm pickup time.  In the end, I drove down at 6:45, called the pickup service and they brought it right out to me all bagged up and loaded it in my car for me.  I then ran my credit card and they gave me my receipt.  All total, it took me about 5 minutes instead of an hour and no lines to navigate.  The price to do it was $6.95 which IMHO is a great deal.

It just amazes me how times change and the technology just keeps changing with it.

Videos are coming

Creative Vado HD

I got my Creative Vado HD handheld video camera in the mail on Saturday.  I took the opportunity to fire it up on Sunday during my game and now I have an hour of video to play with.  So far, I am loving this device and I am going to work on adding more videos to my site and maybe….maybe…..to youtube.

Laying it all out there

I have wanted to type in my blog for a little while now and I just didn’t know where to start.  Therefore, I am just going to throw a bunch of different things out there and just see what happens.

First, I played like crap tonight in hockey.  Sure, there were some shots I had no business stopping.  A majority of the goals that were scored on me though were good shots in the slot or ones that went top corner on me.  I was disappointed with my effort and the effort of my teammates.  I knew it would be a tough road to hoe for the Stick Heads this season, and I guess I was right.  My goal was to be .500 in the season, and even that is going to be a challenge.  I have a lot of work to do.

Second, I have put Warhammer Online aside for a little bit to play F.E.A.R. 2 and its a great change of pace.  I hope to get back into Warhammer in the next few days, but FEAR 2 is simply awesome.  Not the greatest game I have ever played, and I think I enjoyed Dead Space more in terms of the storyline and scary factor.  Still, a very good game that is worth the money to pick up.

Third, Malys is going to have to pick up their gameplay.  Just seems like the last few weeks have not been clicking for us as a team.  Even though we are 1-1 on the season, I think that we are playing like a bottom half team.  Lets see how things play out though before I pass judgement.  Maybe we can turn things around and we are going to have to to become one of the better teams in the division.

Tonight after my game I learned the importance of why I am playing.  It isn’t to win, even though winning is important to me.  Its the friendships you make while playing.  Today, even though I was disappointed, I was a little upset with my play and it showed afterwards.  I was distant from my own teammates and just wanted to get dressed and leave.  I did chat with a few of the players on my way out and my teammates in the locker room, but I should have been more open.  Its the friendships you make around the rink that make playing the game so much fun.  I should be embracing that.  Especially as I get older and my playing days dwindle.

Heineken is still one of the best beers in my mind.  I prefer it over just about every beer I could ever have.  I should make a trip to the Hopcat eventually to expand my knowledge of beer though.


I am in the process of thinking about my MBA class schedule for the rest of the year.  I already know I am taking 3-4 classes a year.  That 4th class is still up in the air though.  If I take that 4th class, I would be taking both Fall semester sessions and then one in the Winter.  That would mean I am taking 21 straight weeks of courses and I don’t know if I want to subject myself to that.  Its either that or graduate a year later.  I am still weighing my options here, but one thing is for certain.  I will earn my MBA.

I am looking for ways to improve my WordPress blog a bit and I got to thinking about Video Blogging.  Maybe doing some videos of my goaltending and posting some clips and such.  I always wanted to do that and if I am going to do it regarding hockey, why not do it now while I am still playing.  I am still considering this as an option.

I am going to crash here soon.  I have been getting about 7 hours a night lately and I am just feeling that is barely enough.

Laid back

It was a very nice laid back weekend I must say.

Sure, I did work on Saturday for a bit on removing an Exchange 2003 server from our domain.  Which if I must say was a huge pain in the ass.  Even after removing all the public folder stores and our primary message store, it still wouldn’t let me uninstall it from the CD.  The Messaging and Data Collaboration portion stuck out there until I found the last piece to remove it.

After that was over, I got home and took a nap since I didn’t sleep too well on Friday night and then worked on my MBA class homework in my easy chair.  Watched October Sky on DVD and had Moe’s Mexican Grill with my wife for dinner.  Sunday was more of the same.  My wife and I did our taxes and I played hockey in the evening.  Still, a relaxing day nonetheless.

The hockey game was going to be a loss.  My team knew it before the game even started.  The team we played against used to play in the top division but dropped down.  Now they just cycle the puck around the other teams in the division and score at will.  Its sad to see that they just have no competition in the league and the only way they will lose is if they self destruct in the playoffs which I don’t see happening.

This week is more of the same as last week.  I have hockey a few times this week.  On Saturday I have to turn in a 4-5 page paper for my MBA class.  A lot rides on that paper so I have to really do a good job in order to get an A in the class.  Thats aside from my day job duties as well.  Saturday is going to be an interesting day as we are cutting over from our T1 circuit to a DS3 for increased bandwidth.

Maybe it won’t be as relaxing as I anticipate….

Firefox rocks!

When I started using Firefox years ago, I thought it would catch on like wildfire. Fast forward to today and I still think Firefox is the best browser hands down. The addons like Adblock, PDFView, IE View, and Google Gears are simply awesome. Plus, lets talk about innovation for a moment.

Firefox had tabbed browsing down to a science, but their “restore session” is simply incredible. Just today I was typing a rather long forum post and my computer locked up. After grumbling for about 5 minutes, I thought I would have to retype it all over again. Upon restarting and opening Firefox, I told it to “restore session” and crossed my fingers. My entire post was still typed in and all I had to do was add a few lines to finish it and click the post button.

Its too bad that too many sites out there only work with Internet Explorer. Otherwise, I would have gotten rid of IE years ago. Still, the point is that Firefox continues to impress me years after I started using it.

Adding features

Without hockey this week, I have been adding various features to my blog.  One of them being a Avatar system to WordPress.  I got sick and tired of seeing that dull “Mystery Man” next to all my comments.  So I got the opportunity to add my little goalie avatar to all my comment replies instead and it looks quite nice.  I will be doing more with this later.

I also added more pictures to my rotator on the right.  With the Thesis Theme, its easy to do that.  I am not huge into customizing my theme as I like the look that I have now.  My next task is to play with some of the CSS on Thesis and see if I can make any improvements there.

Lastly, I am going to be adding more gallery photos as well here soon.  I haven’t done much with my photo gallery since I pretty much retired from semi-professional photography, but I do like being able to add pictures to gallery2, which is the name of the gallery software that I use.

The Year in Review Part 2

I have thought long and hard about what my goals are going to be next year. Here they are in no particular order….

1. Achieve 25 rollerhockey championships. This one should be very obtainable. I sit at 23 right now, and with 4 playoffs coming up this year, I should be able to get through and win 2 more by the end of the year.

2. Win my very first ice hockey championship. This is going to take a lot of hard work, but I intend to achieve this goal this year.

3. Get one year closer to my MBA degree. At the end of 2009, I want to have only 2 years left of part time work to get this degree.

4. Keep up with technology. Don’t forget that I have a day job and with the technology landscape changing so much, its important for me to keep myself up on the current trends.

5. Get plenty of sleep every night. 7 hours minimum would be a great goal to stay up on. The better rested I am, the more productive I will be, and the better I will be in hockey.

6. Never forget your friends and family. I am content with spending many nights at home relaxing. While it is nice to do that every now and again, its just as good to spend time with my friends and family.

7. Take good care of my knees. With the knee pain and discomfort I had this year, I have to continue to take good care of my knees. After all, when they go, my rec hockey career is done.

I think that just about does it right there.

I just pulled out my main computer and packed the motherboard in a box to send back to EVGA. My poor board decided to croak and I need an RMA replacement which is very depressing. Still, its nice that I have a RMA to take advantage of.

My eyes are pretty heavy after a long day of work and doing this computer project. That and I didn’t sleep REALLY well last night. I am going to crash soon.

A little bit of everything

I will start off with the bad and end with the good.

First off, I will mention that I have been crap in net playing goal. I allowed way too many goals on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday. Even though my Marketlab team won on Thursday, I just did not play solid. I just don’t understand it because its the first time in about a month that I am playing pain free in my right knee. In fact, I have been feeling awesome. Maybe I have been too comfortable. Either way, I need to play more solid, and I have games starting tomorrow to turn things around.

I would much rather have a bad spell of games now than in late January when I am in playoffs. Thats for darn sure.

On a technical note, I just upgraded from WordPress 2.6 to WordPress 2.7 which includes a lot of improvements.


It was very easy to do that installation and then upgrade my Thesis theme to the latest version as well. Now I get to play around with more of the new features, but that is for another evening.

Its almost 12:30am now and I am exhausted after a long day. Our hot water heater valve that connects to the drain pipe croaked so that needed to be replaced. I spent time doing homework for my MBA. I had some work stuff to do as well. Then I was at the Roller Derby to watch the Grand Raggidy Girls. Then off to Frankie Vs for drinks and food with my friends. It was a long ass day and I am really looking forward to bed.

I am also looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow too.