Rebounding from a poor performance

I played one of my worst games last night in a 7-4 loss against the last place team.  Yes, we were shorthanded.  Yes, they had more chances than we did.  Yes, they played a bit better than we did.  I just believe that we could have won if I played a better game.  There were a couple goals that I let in that were horrible shots.  I don’t let those in and maybe we have a chance.  The funny thing is that I haven’t played well consistently for this team since I started playing with them at the beginning of the season.  I can play well one week, and then horrible the next.  Its just very tough to inspire confidence in your team when you don’t have a consistent game from one week to the next.

The other thing to consider is that I will play in higher leagues on Wednesday and Thursday, and I will play better than I did tonight.  Rebounding from a poor performance is not hard to do when you have confidence that it is going to happen.  I have all the confidence in the world on my teams that play on Wednesday and Thursday nights so maybe thats my problem on Tuesday.  Either way, I have a couple weeks to get my act in gear before the playoffs begin.  I can’t play that messy and expect my team to play inspired hockey.

After the game last night, I got home and started messing around with WordPress and my theme.  There is a new version out that borks my site when I load it, so I have to dedicate some time to figuring it out before I enable it.  The problem is that I won’t have a lot of time to mess with it until Friday night or sometime on Saturday.  All this hockey playing, working, teaching, and reffing is really taking a lot out of me.  Eventually, I am going to find my breaking point, but until I do, I am going to continue to stay involved in as many activities as I can.

Hockey tonight and then heading to bed early I hope.  I need more sleep.  The 6 hours a night is not enough for me.

On the 4th and 5th days….he rested

After playing hockey the last 3 days in a row, last night was a very nice break.  My team had a bye week, but I had a business trip to take to Novi to work on some switches.  I removed some craptastic Cisco CE500 switches from our environment and installed some newer 3750 switches into the environment here.  We are seeing some incremental speed increases, but as usual, the speed is limiting between here and Grand Rapids.

The non-work thing on my mind today would have to be the USA Womens Olympic team getting beat by Canada 3-2 in the gold medal game.  With a 2-0 lead with under 4 minutes left in the 3rd period, it looked about over for Canada.  Then, a couple bounces later, it was a tie game.  The OT loss was a little tough to stomach, but I bet it was tougher for the USA team that worked their asses off all season to make it that far and take the silver.  Then I realized I have played under similar circumstances with similar results in some games.  I have also won games like that as well.  Some USA fans want to blame the reffing for the loss, but the simple fact of the matter is that the USA had that game on a silver platter, and instead of grabbing the game, they took the silver platter instead.

I ate at the Black Rock Grill last night and had quite an epic feast to cap off a very productive day overall.  The whole gimmick of this place is the volcanic rock you cook your food on.  I tell you, I was greatly impressed with what I had.  A little expensive, but it was worth it.

Black Rock Grill

I can’t wait to ref on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  One of my last youth ice hockey weekends of the season.  I am going to take the time to enjoy it.


After a series of subpar games, I had a solid game in net last night in a 5-3 win.  I was sharp right out of the gate and didn’t let in a single bad goal.  As normal, there was room for improvement, but I just felt good about having a solid game.  The last couple weeks my performance in net has been less than stellar which is not where I wanted to be.  I am going to take this momentum into the game tonight and then into the playoff game on Sunday.

On another “finally” moment, I have been working on my website.  Last night I fixed a couple problems with the photo gallery and now I have some administrative work to finish.  The album names need some fixing and I need to add some descriptions as well.  Still, moving from gallery2 to gallery3 will be a worthwhile upgrade when its finished.  I just have a bad taste in my mouth from having to move without using the migration tool.  Its extra work I didn’t expect to have to sink into my website.  I hope that gallery3 to gallery4 will be much easier.

Lastly, this Friday I am going to dedicate three days per week at skating more aggressively.  With reffing starting up in about two months, I have to shake the rust off, put the skates on, and keep working hard.  The only way to do that is to skate more often with all my ref gear on.  I will probably stick out like a sore thumb, but at this stage, I really don’t care.  My focus is on getting ready for the new season.

Gallery2 to Gallery3 – not so easy

I have had a Gallery2 photo gallery on my site for the longest time.  The software and plugins are really quite neat.  I never thought it would be a pain in the ass to upgrade, but in this case it was.  All I wanted to do is migrate to the new Gallery3.  Yet, the migration wouldn’t doesn’t work as intended.  I kept getting this issue with “@todo G2_Function_Failed”.  As I researched this more and more, I found out that I was getting some strange problem with the import tool not finding the correct Gallery2 version.  It wasn’t even an error when the import tool ran.  It had a green checkbox next to the “Gallery version 0 detected”.

I browsed forums and googled the problem and couldn’t find anyone with the solution.  Some people were talking about the problem when Gallery2 wasn’t working.  Well, that wasn’t it on my end as Gallery2 was working just fine.  Finally, after looking off and on for over 3 months, I just opted to do a fresh import of the pictures and be done with it.

A couple negatives from doing it this way.  First thing is that I lost all my comments and ratings for each picture.  I was ok with that anyway.  The most important thing is that I also lost all my album names and comments that I have to retype.  I am going to get started on them now, but I have a long way to go until I complete them all.

This whole situation has really made me rethink my whole online photo gallery.  I had this in place for ease of use, but upgrading was not that simple.  It really shouldn’t be that freaking hard to upgrade a piece of software on a website.  Especially something like a photo gallery.  WordPress has done a great job with making it simple to administrate.  Gallery3 has a ways to go.

Limping into the playoffs, literally

With one game remaining, both of my teams have limped into playoffs.  The key being “limped into” as that both my teams have made it and what a successful season it has been.  Who Cares secured a division crown which is something I am very proud of.  A team that we just threw together after half our team left from last season.  I am very proud of this team.  Marketlab also did very well by placing 3rd or 4th.  For a team that was built to play in Brass and ends up playing in Copper, thats more than I ever could have ever expected.

The only downside is that my teams haven’t really played to their potential.  Starting with me in net, I really haven’t played very well.  At the same time though, my teams haven’t brought their A games.  I am expecting a big game on Thursday from Marketlab and then a strong day on Saturday in playoffs.

After having so much playoff success, I have nothing to worry about.  I remember what it was like when I won my first championship.  Now, I will take the success when I can get it.  Its all about playing with my friends.

Speaking of playing, it was great to play without pain today.  First time in over 5 months!  The gel injections into my knees was a huge improvement.  At the same time though, I still have pressure on both kneecaps that just drove me nuts.  I was told to wait a few days before drawing a conclusion.  If it is bad tomorrow, I will make some adjustments for playoffs on Saturday, and then get some fluid removed on Monday.  Looking forward to more pain free games.

I have my home theater PC built and its ready for the Ceton card when it comes in the mail at the end of May.  I will have more on this later when I get the card.

My new rate structure

You want your computer fixed?  Here is my new rate structure.

Friend: Case of Corona or Heineken
Neighbor: Dinner out and a Case of Corona or Heineken
Relative you like: Case of Corona or Heineken
Relative you dont like: 2 Cases of Corona or Heineken
Person you dont know: $75/hr.
Person you dont know, but really would like to get to know: $50/hr.
Wife/Spouse: Sexual favors
Boss: $50/Hr.
Ex-Boss: $175/Hr.
Your Car/Motorcycle Mechanic: IOU = to number of hours worked to trade for his time when your car breaks.
Cow-Irkers from work: $75/Hr
Annoying Cow-Irkers: $125/Hr
People I work with that are good to me: $50/Hr

Classes resume and a new season begins

My MBA classes resumed on Monday and I am already hip deep in work.  I am taking Organizational Management which is a 600 level class.  I have more chapters to read in the book, discussion questions to respond to, and then a paper due at the end of the week.  The good news is that I am now in the meat of my classes.  If I take 4 classes per year, I will graduate in 3 years.  That is what I am aiming to do.

Hockey also started back up this week and I got off to a strong start with Malys in a 5-4 OT win.  I played a pretty strong game, but I should have played a little better than I did.  I don’t know how our team will do this season, but it is going to be a fun season thats for sure.  We have many new faces and after placing 5th last season and going all the way, I am hoping we can do better this season and have the same finish.

Ice hockey also starts up for me tonight and I can’t wait for that either.  I got my pads repaired and my skates are ready to go.  This season is going to be a tough one though as we are going to be playing in a pretty darn good league.  Maybe even better than the one I played in last season.  I don’t know if I should be moving up in difficulty when my skills are on the decline, but I am going to try it out this summer and see how things go.

How do you update Twitter?

So, how do you update your Twitter status?  There are a variety of applications I have tried and here are my favorites.  When it comes to my computers at home and at work, I have used a small application called Twitteroo.

image Its a small application that works really well with Windows XP and Vista.  Allows you to send updates really easily.  If you are a Firefox user though, I can also recommend Twitbin.  Its an addon that you can get through Firefox and can open a sidebar on your browser to allow you to update your status and view the status of your friends and replies.

If you are looking for a way to update Twitter on your Iphone, there are two applications I can recommend.  The first is Twittelator Pro and the second is Tweetie.  I bought Twittelator Pro last year and it was my client of choice for a long time.  At the request of some friends, I tried Tweetie and loved it.  I am using Tweetie exclusively right now because it has a much cleaner interface and seems to update faster.

Of course, those of you with Facebook accounts, you can autoupdate your Facebook status with Twitter as well.  Here is the application you use.

If you use WordPress for your blog like I do, you can add Twitter updates to your blog by using Twitter for WordPress.

How do you update your blog?

Ever since I started using WordPress, I was looking for a good blogging client.  I started out using Blogdesk, and for a free blogging client, it was great.  Even blogging straight from the admin page is pretty good, but I prefer a client on my local computers.  I would prefer something free since I am on 3-4 different computers on a given day.

Recently, I tried Blogjet which proved to be quite nice.  What I didn’t like about it was the price.  Sorry, but $50 is just too much for a product that isn’t even being developed right now.  The last update was made last year.  Paying that much for a product that isn’t even being actively improved just doesn’t impress me.

A few days ago I uncovered Windows Live Writer.  At first, I was hesitant to even try it.  After all, its a Microsoft product and I just didn’t think would work with WordPress which is an open source project.  Boy, was I wrong.  Windows Live Writer interfaces with many major blogs like Blogger, Livejournal, and WordPress.  It is much more feature rich than Blogdesk.  Best of all, its free!