Not my week

I really have to pick up my efforts because this week was pretty bad when it comes to hockey.  I really wasn’t sharp on Monday which resulted in a one goal loss.  Then tonight we lost 4-2 off a bad deflection off my own player.  Obviously, the deflection I can’t control, but through the course of the game I have to make some key stops and I haven’t done that the last couple weeks.  Either I was sitting too deep in my net or not playing the angles like I should.  It really is tough on my teams when I let in shots I should stop, and I cannot blame them for my mistakes.  I just have to play better.

The break from ice hockey and reffing is a very convenient one right now though.  Every weekend was busy with reffing, and now I have my weekends open.  Every Tuesday and Thursday was busy with ice hockey, and now we enter playoffs where I am going to get a little rest before our games kick in.  Soon the session will be over and I will be able to rest an extra day out of the week.  When it comes to reffing though, lacrosse will be starting up in the next week or two.  I really cannot wait to do that again this year for the next couple months.

My real break will be this summer.