Staying Focused

After last week Thursday’s semi-decent performance where I lost my focus through the course of the game, I went out last night to be more focused in my game.  It worked until the 2nd period when I let in a pretty crappy goal from an angle I should have had.  I pitched that out of my mind and went out to play solid the rest of the game and let in nothing else in a 5-2 win for my Monday team.  Overall, I was very pleased with my performance, especially the final period and a half when I held them off the board.  My team had a lot to do with that as well as they hustled and worked hard to help me out.  It is an effort like this that will equate to more confidence and more success down the road for us as a team.

Now I just need to pull through tonight in my final regular season game on Tuesday ice hockey before trying to get another win in my final regular season game on Thursday as well.

Playoffs are just around the corner.