And its over….

It really was a great season.

I got done reffing my last hockey games of the season last night when I finished a trio of sled hockey tournament games.  I reffed 7 games over the weekend, which was a lot of fun, but the end of the season signals the beginning of lacrosse reffing in a couple weeks (after the snow melts).  Lacrosse reffing is nothing like reffing ice hockey though.  Right now, it feels great to be done.  In the summer, I will be looking forward to the ice hockey season starting out again in September/October.  I am sure I will get some ice hockey games to ref in the summer, but in the meantime, I am going to enjoy the small break before lacrosse.

The lacrosse scrimmage that was scheduled for this weekend is looking like it is cancelled due to the snow and the field conditions if the snow was cleared.  This means I can relax and probably do my taxes which will be a blast to complete.

As for hockey, I have 4 games this week.  I really am looking forward to playing, especially after playing so well on Thursday last week.