Great to end on a high note

After playing a great game on Monday, I had a very bad game on Tuesday followed by a bad game on Wednesday.  I really can’t fault myself too much for the game on Wednesday as we were outplayed and out chanced, but a loss is a loss and I didn’t play great.  Tonight, I turned things around with a 3-1 victory, keeping my team in 2nd place in the league with 2 games to play.  Overall, I am very happy with my performance tonight.  I was seeing everything.  The only goal I let in was a breakaway.  At the end of the game, I had zero regrets, which is why I am happy.  On Tuesday and Wednesday my mind was filled with doubt and uncertainty after those games were over.  Tonight, I am filled with confidence.

It really is amazing what a win will do.  Especially leading into the weekend when I am going to be reffing most of Saturday and Sunday.  I really should have a shorter memory after a loss or a win.  Especially a loss as I do believe that sometimes they haunt me a bit more than they should.  Well, now I am concentrating on the positive, and I believe I am ready to ref and rest this weekend and then start next week with confidence.