A big step

There comes a time in every beginner/intermediate team’s existence when they finally take a big step in terms of their growth.  These steps can be playoff wins or losses, and even wins or losses to a superior team.  The amount of growth has always depended on the players on the team and how dedicated they are to change.  Either way, the growth that my team last night experienced could be a springboard to something bigger. My Hailstorm team has had a hard time with the superior teams in the division, as has every other team in the division.  Through a narrow loss, they found their confidence restored and many were predicting us pushing through the rest of the season undefeated.

I remember playing on many teams in the past that finally took those big steps and great things happened for them.  The Stickheads were a team that floundered in the intermediate division for 3 seasons before winning the championship in the 4th season.  Team X faltered for 2 seasons before coming back to take the championship in the 3rd season.  See a pattern here?

What I don’t want to mention are all the teams I played on that couldn’t get it together.  After all, you have to look at the whole picture and when you do, you will see that there are just as many teams that take that big step but don’t take the next one.  It takes hard work and change in order to move up in terms of skill and ability.  Some players have no interest in building off these experiences.  It will be my job to push them to learn and take that next big step.

We will see just how dedicated they are to the process.  As for me, I know I must continue getting better.  Last night I was beat on 3-4 goals that were made off passes to wide open players on the other side.  I have to be able to make at least one of those saves.