I am not a top tier goalie anymore

No, this isn’t a depressing post, but merely just a statement.  Back about 5-7 years ago when I was playing in the top divisions in hockey, I considered myself to be a decent goalie.  Especially when my teams were doing very well and I could help achieve a championship.  Today, at the ripe age of 41, I am not as fast as I used to be.  Yet, here I am, still playing in the top divisions and doing pretty well.  My intermediate/advanced ice hockey team is sitting in 2nd right now while my Wednesday intermediate/advanced team is tops in the league.  I know most of it is being on the right team, but I do feel like I am losing a step at times.

Last night, the team we played against really gave us a run, but we took the lead and never trailed in the game.  I was very happy with the end result, but some of the things they were doing to score goals really made me think about how much slower I am today.  The passing plays across the net that I couldn’t slide over and get to, or how slow I was to react to those great chances were what I noticed the most.  Yes, I stopped a couple breakaways and had some good glove saves.  I am also certainly very happy about the victory too.  I just know that I could have shaved off a couple goals if I reacted a bit quicker than I did.

I suppose beggars can’t be choosers though.  Here I am and playing this kind of hockey at my age.  That alone should be a victory for me and I should be happy about that.

Tonight I have some project work to do for my day job and then back on Friday to host a suite at the Griffins game.  This weekend is going to be crazy with what will be my next to last weekend of ice hockey reffing.  I hope to fit in some Titanfall, Battlefield 4, and Borderlands 2 into the mix this weekend as well.