New Challenge – Writing a little everyday

In the past, I have used my blog to discuss various things going on in my life when it revolved around hockey, reffing, gaming, vacationing, and other things.  Last year, I got out of habit of doing this.  Time went by, and while I had the desire to blog things, I never really jumped back into it.  Status updates on twitter and Facebook were about as extensive as I got.  It wasn’t until I took a little inspiration from a friend of mine that I decided to resurrect my blogging habit.  I have been taking the time to read Bobby Evenhouse’s blog for a while now, and a recent post called “No Matter What, Write Everyday” really did inspire me to change my habits for the better.

Why did I create this blog in the first place?  To remember all the great times I had in my life.  To maybe take the information and write a biography one day.  I have seen the title of the book in my mind a few times….

MeinGoalMy Life as a Rec League Goaltender

Yea, cheesy I know, but I could write a 100-200 page book on everything that has happened.  From many of the games I have played, championships win and lost, and all the interesting people I have gotten to know through playing hockey through the years.  I don’t know if writing a book is in my future, but I am seriously considering it.

When it comes to writing though, if I am not putting these things down on my blog, then it is kind of hard to put them down in a book later.  Memoirs are worthless if you aren’t writing them down somewhere.  So consider this a blog reboot or a rebirth of a writer.


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  1. Thanks Bobby! I really have to say thanks again for getting me back into my writing habit. I took too much time off, and its good to be back. I love reading your blog as well. Keep up the good work.

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