Not the fresh start I was looking for

I really was looking forward to kicking back into gear this week with playing more hockey.  The thought was that with me playing more, I would start playing better than I was over the summer and only playing once a week.  I had gotten complacent, and when I have gotten comfortable and complacent, my performance suffers.  This week I thought I had more of a focus coming into both my games.  I played decent, but still lost both games.  I say decent because it really was a C or B- effort at the best.  I just did not play the way I should have.  I allowed a couple really crappy goals in both games, even though I made some very solid saves on breakaways and other prime scoring chances.  Still, those crappy goals are back breakers that I should have never allowed.

I was fuming last night after our loss, and that carried over in the locker room.  I had a pretty piss poor attitude about things, and really had no reason to go down that road.  Its just a game, and a rec hockey league game at that.  After you put things in perspective like that, it gets a lot easier to digest and move on from.

Still, this really wasn’t the way I wanted to start.  I feel like I haven’t played well in the last few months, and I think one of my teams is very frustrated with me.  Sure, they like me, but there is a big difference between a goalie that you just like and one you want to win with.  I hate losing more than I like winning, and I have tried to build my teams with that kind of mentality.  Well, if someone on the team is well liked but not performing, how long will it be before that person is kicked to the curb?  Especially when that someone is me.

I am expecting a much better performance in net in all 3 games I play next week.