Coming back is the hardest part

That ankle sprain took me out of the working out and hockey game for a couple weeks.  Since I came back, my game has been up and down.  When I have played well, I have been solid.  When I have sucked, it has been pretty bad.  I think the biggest challenge has been to keep my confidence up.  When your team is the big fish in the pond and better than the competition, then you are going to have more confidence.  I cannot rely on the talent of my team alone to win games.  I have to be better and get better every game.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

Two weeks ago, I had a very solid game.  Tonight, I stunk up the place.  That really isn’t good for the confidence of my team thats for sure.  They won’t say it, but I know where the blame lies and it starts in net.

Going to start playing rollerhockey next week, and with the additional workload, I am hopeful that my game will get better.  I really was playing well when I was going 2-3 times per week instead of just 1 time a week or less.