Grade 2 Ankle Sprain

I visited the doctor today and found out I have a grade 2 ankle sprain from the Tough Mudder on Saturday.  While I am not totally surprised, the doctor was surprised that I didn’t break or make it even worse on Saturday.  After a good scolding from my doctor I was told to halt all lower body workouts and skating for the next 2 weeks.  That would put me back on the ice, hopefully on the 17th (which should make my hockey team very happy to have a super goalie in net next week).  I am just glad that it isn’t broken at this stage.

I am trying to keep in mind that the last time I hurt this ankle was in early June when I had someone fall into me while reffing.  I sat out for 2 weeks and then skated on it, but it was too soon.  I am hoping I can start working out again in a couple weeks right now, but I don’t have high hopes that for sure.  In the end, when I look at the orange headband I earned at the Tough Mudder, I feel accomplished.  What a great event.  Can’t wait to do another one next year.