There is no defending the NHL or NHLPA

If you are standing behind the owners or the players in these negotiations, its time to walk away.  There is no shame in admitting that you were backing a side that was not good for the game or the fans.  By standing behind on one side, you are in essence defending their actions.  However…..

There is no defense for greed.
There is no defense for refusing to negotiate in good faith.
There is no defense for stall tactics.
There is no defense for pontificating to the media after you don’t get your way.
There is no defense for leaving when your side doesn’t get what they want.
There is no defense for not taking calls from the other side, and there is no defense for leaving a voicemail message turning down a deal.

Its time for us fans to rise up and not support this league or the players.  Will we come back to the game we love?  Probably.  However, there are things we can do to not support the league or the players.  A vast majority of the money the NHL makes is from ticket sales and merchandise.  Don’t buy any NHL merchandise.  Don’t spend money on tickets to see the games.  Don’t support any companies that sponsor the NHL.  Just regulate yourself to watching what you can on cable TV.  The cable subsidy that the league and players get from a cable TV sub is very low.

Do not reward this greed.