Rise and fall

After the playoffs concluded last season and I achieved my 30th championship, I was close to walking away from hockey. I enjoyed playing, but I was slower than I used to be. I had achieved everything that I had wanted. Then, I pulled a groin muscle. It was a grade two strain, and I spent 6 weeks working my way back. With all the visits to the physical therapist, I focused on getting healthy so I could play again. I finally started playing again the middle of June, and I have a whole new appreciation for the sport.

Yes, I had my hunger back to compete again. It took me rising from that dark pit I call “injury”. When you can’t work out or be active though because of an injury, I worked harder to come back. Hockey was just a reason to return. I wanted to be able to do everything that I could do before, including running since I want to do another tough mudder next year.

After returning to both ice and roller hockey, I just completed a round of playoffs. The season was over fast because I spent half of it on the IR. The playoffs ended with me making the finals on one of my teams and losing 4-1. My other advanced league team lost in the semifinals. Whats worse is that I tweaked my back playing so now I sit here in pain. I am not pissed at the team we lost to, but mainly that we suffered from a championship hangover. After winning the way we did last season, we really struggled in the finals and that wasn’t the way I wanted to go out.

So now, I get a couple weeks off roller and I get to focus on ice hockey. I also get to work away on my final MBA class and ace that sucker. Finally, I hope this new season comes and goes with no injury issues. Seems that I have had a problem staying healthy, and that concerns me.