I really think I have turned a corner in my workout sessions.  For the last few months, I have been increasing my running distance slowly but surely.  Over the weekend, I ran back to back days and I don’t feel sore at all.  For the first time since my college days, I am feeling great running again.  I am also looking forward to the next running workout on Thursday.

The only disappointing part of this whole workout routine is how long it is taking me to run distance.  I am still running 11-12 minute miles which is not where I really want to be long term.  Back in my high school days, I was running 3 miles under 19 minutes in cross country.  I know I am older today, but I just feel that I should be able to run faster than 33 minutes.

My first official race is The Irish Jig which is on March 17th.  That leaves me with a little more than 3 weeks to pick my speed up a bit.  Speed shouldn’t really be my priority with the Tough Mudder coming up in April.

Which reminds me, I got my gear for the Tough Mudder on Friday.  My coldgear tactical pants and shirt are now in my possession.  The gloves are very interesting, but I am going to try them out before I decide if I am going to use them or not.  They are a clingy plastic on the grips that would be great if you are catching a football, but I don’t think they are going to grip a rope very well.  I guess we will see how they test out.

Along with all the working out I am doing, my classes continue to go well.  I am on the tail end of  my current class, and I will have 3 to go after this one.  Hockey treats me well too, but I am not as fast as I used to be.  The higher leagues are much tougher on me, and playing at that level is not in my long term future.  I know my teams want me to keep playing with them, but the sad part is that I am not the difference maker that I used to be about 7-8 years ago.

The extra workouts have really helped my overall fitness level though, which will help me while playing goal in the end.

The quest for #30 and the Tough Mudder

My 30th championship has been an elusive one.  It was my one big goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year.  After making to the finals a few times last season, I started out this season making it to the finals again two times.  I was just unable to seal the deal.  It was disappointing, but with a new season comes new promise.  I will have another opportunity when the season is up in April.  I just know I will be in the playoff picture once again.

I really think my age has a lot to do with my lack of success as of late.  My teams are good enough to reach the playoffs, but we are just unable to complete the journey.  Some of it has to do with some weak goals on my part.  Other parts of it are hungrier or better teams that we are facing.  I really can only control how I perform, and I haven’t had a dominating performance in a while come playoff time.

I am picking up my running and preparation for the Tough Mudder.  In a little over two months, I am going to be running the course in Amherst OH and I am excited about the opportunity to complete it.  I have lost over 10 pounds since I started working out.  I also have changed my eating habits slightly which has resulted in me feeling better and more energized.

I think this new workout kick I am on is going to make me a better goalie as well.  If anything, I will have more endurance and be carrying less weight around with me.  I won’t be where I was 6-7 years ago, but I will be able to keep up with some of the faster players.  That alone should be motivation enough for me to keep working out and staying in shape.