Four months

It just seems like yesterday when the season started and I was about 6 months away from the Tough Mudder.  Now I am 4 months away and while I feel I am in good cardio shape, the rest of my body is not ready.  I need to start working my upper body more than I am today.  The good news is with my class ending on Thursday, I will have the time to dedicate to working out more than I am today.  This is great news as I am really looking forward to going the next step in my training.

Over the course of the last month, my days have blended together.  Wake up, go to work, play hockey, workout, study, play a few games, sleep.  The weekends were wake up, go ref, workout, study, ref, play a few games, sleep.  Weeks just go by like that and now I can only look forward to a slight change.  Not studying for the next two plus months is going to feel terrific.  Gives me time to get ready.

The charity game went over very well again this year.  With the help of my employer, we raised a lot of money to the Griffins Youth foundation.  Our photos of the event were incredible as well.  I was a little sad that the opposing team was missing a few of their big guns and we beat them 7-2 as a result.  It was good to win though, and I hope we can do it again next year.

Hockey continues to treat me well.  My ice teams are playing well and both my roller teams are contending for a championship again this season.  I am sad to report that I really don’t have any expectations from my teams this season.  Since the games are blended together, I really can’t go into specifics.  I really like what I see so far and I hope that we can churn out a championship out of one of these teams.