The training continues

It has been about two weeks since I signed up for the Tough Mudder in April and I have been doing a lot of training.

  • 1-2 days on the skating treadmill.  These are really tough exercises, but I have noticed my skating stride and strength have increased.
  • My cardio has also improved due to the skating on the treadmill and running as well.  I did my first run a few days ago and got a couple miles in and it felt great.
  • Lastly, and something I need to pick up on, is my strength training.  I have been working my legs too much and my upper body hasn’t been worked very much.  I will be phasing in some upper body exercises.

Due to the fact that I have been working my lower body too much, with all the skating I have been doing and cardio work, I started having a pain in my right foot yesterday.  I was fine the day before when I ran two miles.  It was something that happened before my acceleration training but it doesn’t affect me while skating.  It is a pain in the bottom of my right foot as I walk around.  I can stretch out the leg just fine.

I took a break from the cardio and skating today in hopes that things will be better tomorrow.  Being as that it doesn’t hurt to skate, I am looking forward to reffing tomorrow and Saturday.  Sunday I will do some upper body workouts before I get back into goaltending and skating on Monday and Tuesday.

As many people have told me, you can’t exercise the same muscles over and over again.  I have to diversify.  Everything was so much easier when I was young and I was just working on cardio.  Now, I have this cardio and strength training in my legs that is not working out well.  I may have to wait to increase my cardio workouts until I am done with Acceleration training.  Don’t really want to do that though, but it’s a possibility.  Either that or go back to non-impact cardio like on my exercise bike.

In the meantime, I have a couple ice hockey teams I am going to be skating on over the fall/winter/spring.  This along with my roller teams, taking MBA classes, working out, and setting the stage for the charity game at Van Andel in December, I have a full plate.  Lets hope I don’t stretch myself too thin.