Sliding downhill

When it comes to hockey, very couple seasons I hit a downhill slide that it seems impossible to come out of.  This season its different from the past.  I am making the routine saves I need to make, but a bad bounce or two in conjunction with the other team capitalizing on every mistake is sealing the deal. 

A couple weeks ago in ice hockey, we carried a 2-0 lead into the last two minutes of the game.  I was feeling at the top of my game and my defense was playing great.  We get penalized and have to play the last minute and a half with a 5-3 disadvantage.  One shot from the point gets deflected by me.  Then with 30 seconds left, another shot hits a player in front, goes off the far post, and in.  Then we lose in the shootout.

A few days later in another game, we lost in OT off of a failed poke check attempt by me.  I lept out to poke the puck off the stick of a forward who was coming in on a breakaway, and the puck was neatly tucked underneath me.  I had this same thing happen in the shootout in ice hockey the same week.

Last week the tying goal to send it into overtime in another game was a shot that pinballed off 3 players and past me.  Did I mention that it happened with about 5 seconds left in the game?  End result was a OT loss.

Last night the winning goal was thankfully not one that happened in the last few minutes, but one that stings still.  I was hugging the post and someone took a shot from behind the net in the corner and it found a way through.  It was a bummer of a goal, but one that I feel I should have had.

This whole series of events really doesn’t take away from the wins I have gotten.  At the same time though, in the wins I really haven’t been tested.  Seems that when I have been tested, I have been shown to be just a little too slow or a little too old.  Maybe a little too indecisive as well.

I really hope to shake the funk I am in tonight before the holiday weekend.  It really has been a uphill battle for me and my confidence the last couple weeks when it comes to hockey.  I am glad that only my confidence in goal is shaken a little and not my confidence in my job or other aspects of my life.  That’s all I need is a mental complex on things that really matter.

Hoping for the best in my game tonight.