After two solid performances in net last week, I played ice hockey on Sunday night with my team needing a win in order to keep playing in the upper tier of playoff games.  Well, this week’s ice hockey game worked about as well as last weeks game.  At least last week we were tied 2-2 entering the 3rd period.  This week, we weren’t even in the game as we lost 5-1.  Let in a couple sharp angle shots I probably should have had, then there were a couple deflections and a screen I didn’t have much of a chance on.  Still, in the end, it’s a tough way to lose a hockey game.  Even though my team didn’t get a lot of shots or passes going, I can only improve my game.

My performance in net for this team has really not been good the last few weeks.  I have done my part to help this team drop their last 4 games in a row which is very depressing.  I am not letting horribly bad goals, but I just haven’t been as good as I expect to be.  About 5-6 years ago, I played a lot more solid than I do now.  I used to steal games like this all the time.  Now, I am lucky to steal one every year.  Welcome to getting older I suppose. 

So now, I am in the middle of another dream that is yet unfulfilled.  That loss puts my team out of the playoffs probably, and we will enter the consolation bracket where we will probably win our next two games.  Yet, the wins will be mostly empty ones because they will only be for pride.  Then I will begin another long season in the fall, in which hopefully I can compete for that championship in ice hockey.  That single championship in ice hockey that has eluded me so far in my over 12 years of playing hockey.  I have gotten close a few times, but have only found myself on the outside looking in so far.

There is even part of me wondering if this whole goal I have set for myself is unobtainable.  I am not willing to sell out my team and go somewhere else for the purpose of winning a championship.  Not that I am getting a ton of phone calls asking me to play, but the point is that I have standards and won’t cut ties will my teams.

Now I am thinking that this whole goal of mine may in fact be unobtainable.  Unless I start looking for a team that can compete out of the gate or I fall into the right situation at the right time.  I guess its more than a little depressing the more I think of it.