Another big game

I played solid again yesterday in a 6-4 victory.  After turning in a solid performance the night before, I knew it was going to be critical to keep the momentum going in the positive direction.  It was an ominous beginning as they took a 2-0 lead early in the first period.  My team stepped it up though and really served notice that we were the top team in the division.  When the game was over, I was pleased overall with our performance.  At the same time though, I knew that we could play better.

I just hope I can take this roll I am on into playoffs on Sunday with my ice team.  I really haven’t played my best for them the last few weeks.  My turnaround this week may be a big key to a strong game on Sunday.  Lets hope for the best.

Now my attention diverts from playing goal to reffing.  Tomorrow I will be getting my skates sharpened at lunch and doing the lunchtime skate at Walker.  I will be reffing games in under 2 months, so it becomes important for me to be ready when that time comes.  I figure with me skating about 3 times per week, I should be prepared in time.