Gallery2 to Gallery3 – not so easy

I have had a Gallery2 photo gallery on my site for the longest time.  The software and plugins are really quite neat.  I never thought it would be a pain in the ass to upgrade, but in this case it was.  All I wanted to do is migrate to the new Gallery3.  Yet, the migration wouldn’t doesn’t work as intended.  I kept getting this issue with “@todo G2_Function_Failed”.  As I researched this more and more, I found out that I was getting some strange problem with the import tool not finding the correct Gallery2 version.  It wasn’t even an error when the import tool ran.  It had a green checkbox next to the “Gallery version 0 detected”.

I browsed forums and googled the problem and couldn’t find anyone with the solution.  Some people were talking about the problem when Gallery2 wasn’t working.  Well, that wasn’t it on my end as Gallery2 was working just fine.  Finally, after looking off and on for over 3 months, I just opted to do a fresh import of the pictures and be done with it.

A couple negatives from doing it this way.  First thing is that I lost all my comments and ratings for each picture.  I was ok with that anyway.  The most important thing is that I also lost all my album names and comments that I have to retype.  I am going to get started on them now, but I have a long way to go until I complete them all.

This whole situation has really made me rethink my whole online photo gallery.  I had this in place for ease of use, but upgrading was not that simple.  It really shouldn’t be that freaking hard to upgrade a piece of software on a website.  Especially something like a photo gallery.  WordPress has done a great job with making it simple to administrate.  Gallery3 has a ways to go.