Physically drained

For the first time in the last few months, I am feeling physically drained today.  I took some pain killers for my pounding head, and they aren’t helping very much.  Maybe its because of the start of a new hockey season and I have played three games in the last four evenings.  It doesn’t matter how I got here, but I am already thinking about what I can do to recover.

I am really not a person that looks forward to a weekend or time off.  Work is enjoyable to me, and I enjoy every day that comes my way.  Today is slightly different because of my lack of energy level.  I think this weekend I am going to rest up and get ready for a new week.

Last night when I got back from hockey, I spent some time looking into android/iphone centralized management.  I really don’t like Blackberry Enterprise Server, and with more users wanting to have more capabilities on their phones, this seems like a natural progression.  When I looked at the clock last night and it read 10:20pm, I should have went to bed.  Instead, I stayed up and continued my research.  This is probably part of the problem.

My hockey teams did ok this past week.  I went 1-2, and with ice hockey playoffs starting this week, I am really eager to make a more positive impact.  Especially since I really didn’t play that solid in a 5-3 loss in my last ice hockey game.  I didn’t play exceptionally well in either of my roller games this week.  I am also looking to rebound stronger next week in that area.

Even with all the hockey games I am playing, I am still very much looking forward to reffing again.  My USA Hockey seminar is in about a month.  I will have some time to really read through the new rules before the seminar starts.  This year is going to be my defining year in reffing.  All I have to do is not only pass the level 3 closed book test, but also pick up my efforts to get games.

Early to bed tonight.