Another waiting period

After a very strong regular season, it seemed that my teams had issues scoring goals in playoffs.  In two championship games, my teams scored a combined total of three goals.  Three goals may win you one game, but not two unless the goalie plays lights out.  My lights out days of playing in net have long since left me.  So, I am sitting in the exact same place as I was 12 weeks ago.  A total of 29 championships working on my 30th.

I set this goal at the beginning of the year that I was going to hit #30 and with the teams I have next season, that remains a possibility.  I have some improving and rebounding to do, but we should at least compete for a championship unless we as a team have a total meltdown.  We placed second in both divisions I played in, and things are looking up for the fall season.

As I also promised myself, I was disappointed with my performance in the losses, but I wasn’t completely distraught.  I hate to lose, and its always empty when you don’t go out on top, but at the same time I have to temper my expectations.  I instead feel happy for teams that did go all the way and know that we can be in that same spot in another 12 weeks if everything falls into place for us.  Back about six years ago, I would have lost my composure in the face of losing a playoff game.  Today, I am a lot more realistic in my expectations.  I suppose with age comes wisdom.

Now, for the next two weeks, I am going to do my best not to pick up a hockey stick.  I really need the break to get myself motivated to play another season.  I am going to instead spend more time concentrating on my new job, and maybe even do some weight bearing exercises like I should be doing everyday.

It goes so fast

As I have gotten older, the hockey seasons have tended to just blend together and disappear.  Gone are the seasons that felt like they were a half a year.  These last 20 games have come and gone like the wind.  Now, with playoffs tomorrow and a long two weeks off after that, my motivation switches from regular season to a strong playoff performance for my two teams.

My beginner team and my intermediate teams both took second place.  I will have as few as two games but as many as four.  If I am a little lucky and my teams can put the puck in the net, then I should be just fine come tomorrow.  As with any one game playoffs I have played in the past, I have learned that anyone can win.  Sometimes you have to be a little lucky and fortunate to advance or win a championship.

In the past, I have always had problems sleeping before playoffs.  That just hasn’t been the case over the course of the last few years.  I find myself looking forward to playing, but not losing sleep over it.  I imagine how everything will turn out in my head, but quickly try to temper my expectations.  Yes, I enjoy the possibility of turning in a great performance, but in recent years I have had a hard time delivering as well.  For as many championships as I have won, I have had my share of disappointments.

Which leads me to the promise I made to myself a few years ago.  I keep telling myself that in the end, it doesn’t matter.  I have won a total of 29 playoff championships in the last 11+ years.  I have always promised myself that if I didn’t win, I wasn’t going to be overly upset.  There are many goalies out there that wish they had their shot at having that kind of success.  While I can be disappointed if things don’t work out in my favor, I am going to not break down and consider what I have done this season a failure.

Here is to hoping that I can bring home #30 tomorrow.