When a win feels like a loss

With the way this season has gone, a win on my ice hockey team should feel good.  We haven’t won a game since we won in the playoffs before the Christmas season.  That was the game my team turned in a 2-1 victory against the 2nd seeded team in the playoffs.  It was a game that we played well as a team, but I really excelled at.  It was the best game I played in a long time.  Well, last night we won our game and it was a 9-8 shootout.  My performance was subpar.  I really fought the puck all night and while I did make some decent saves, I really struggled.  The win was nice, but after the game I was feeling pretty down on myself for really stinking up the place, even though we won the game.

Got a stick right in my ribcage last night and today I am feeling it.  I am still looking forward to reffing a bit this weekend, but with my ribs hurting today, I am ready to rest a lot this weekend if possible.