Feeling great and ready for the new season

After injuring my back over 2 weeks ago, I skated for the first time on Saturday the 22nd and felt fine.  Last night I played my first hockey game, after resting for almost 2 weeks with only stretching exercises.  It feels good to have my flexibility back and my confidence level is high since I played pain free.  The only bad thing is that we lost 6-2, which wasn’t totally my fault, but I was a bit rusty after not playing hockey for over a week and a half and with minimal exercising.  I am going to have to play at the top of my game every week to give us a shot at winning.  Last night, my effort was not good enough.  Just have to get back on the horse next week.

Speaking of next week, the new roller season starts and I am excited to be playing again in a couple leagues.  Just like last season though, I need to deliver in the clutch.  I think last season was one of the best seasons I played hockey, and I don’t know why.  Some of the games we won last season were very close, and I was happy with my performance in all of them.  Just seems like the few seasons before that I couldn’t deliver in the clutch and my teams confidence fell as a result.  I just feel that I have turned a corner and am back in the saddle again.

Now I just need to deliver again.