It feels good……sort of

After over a year of playoff disappointment, I finally got to the top once again.  My Wednesday team accomplished their 1st championship since the days when we were playing at Marketlab.  A 3-1 victory against and a 7-0 victory over the phantoms.  Two of the biggest victories in a row that we have had in a playoff series.  One thing is certain, we all came to play, and I am proud of my team for doing so well.  After such a long drought, it feels good to get my 28th championship.  I am going to keep my promise to not be totally upset if I don’t win another one, but I know I will be disappointed if I go this long without winning my last game again.

Really, when it all comes down to it, I played solid in playoffs this season.  I have had my issues in the past and I thought my best days were behind me.  This season, I played much more solid.  A total of 4 games played, only 4 goals against total, and a 3-1 record.  My only loss was a 1-0 game in the finals for my beginner team.  I really was a little disappointed in the outcome of that game.  I thought we could pull that game out if things fell into place for us.  As it turns out, it just wasn’t meant to be.

On Wednesday last week, I tweaked my back slightly in a hockey game.  Thursday I was feeling a little better and I rested it on Friday.  Saturday I was sore but feeling pretty good.  By the end of the night, I was in pain even worse than I was on Wednesday night.  I thought knee pain was bad.  This is horrible because of the fact you can’t twist certain ways and getting up after going down in a butterfly is not pleasant.  I spent my time Sunday and Monday resting my back, no exercise at all.  Today, I am stretching and slowly feeling better.  I am going to take Thursday off of ice hockey and rest up a little more.  Its my hope to ref ice hockey on Saturday and be 100%.  I am on target for that date.

I am pretty happy I have some time off before the next season begins.  Back about 6 years ago, I would get all upset about the break.  Now, with me getting older, I am cherishing the time off a little more often.