Feeling great and ready for the new season

After injuring my back over 2 weeks ago, I skated for the first time on Saturday the 22nd and felt fine.  Last night I played my first hockey game, after resting for almost 2 weeks with only stretching exercises.  It feels good to have my flexibility back and my confidence level is high since I played pain free.  The only bad thing is that we lost 6-2, which wasn’t totally my fault, but I was a bit rusty after not playing hockey for over a week and a half and with minimal exercising.  I am going to have to play at the top of my game every week to give us a shot at winning.  Last night, my effort was not good enough.  Just have to get back on the horse next week.

Speaking of next week, the new roller season starts and I am excited to be playing again in a couple leagues.  Just like last season though, I need to deliver in the clutch.  I think last season was one of the best seasons I played hockey, and I don’t know why.  Some of the games we won last season were very close, and I was happy with my performance in all of them.  Just seems like the few seasons before that I couldn’t deliver in the clutch and my teams confidence fell as a result.  I just feel that I have turned a corner and am back in the saddle again.

Now I just need to deliver again.

Back pain sucks

When I see commercials on television talking about chronic back pain, I would usually say to myself that I am lucky not to have that.  After tweaking my back last week, I have a whole new appreciation for pain killers.  Not being able to sit comfortably or lay down comfortably for the last few days has really been a pain (no pun intended).  The good thing is that I see the light at the end of the tunnel I think.  My back pain is slowly disappearing.  I haven’t taken a Ibuprofen yet today, and I am able to sit comfortably in my chair as well.  With any luck, by Saturday I should be totally better so long as I rest it.

I am missing ice hockey on Thursday this week, so this small injury is not without its costs.  My focus is on getting better, and doing some reffing on Saturday.

It feels good……sort of

After over a year of playoff disappointment, I finally got to the top once again.  My Wednesday team accomplished their 1st championship since the days when we were playing at Marketlab.  A 3-1 victory against Bluevortex.net and a 7-0 victory over the phantoms.  Two of the biggest victories in a row that we have had in a playoff series.  One thing is certain, we all came to play, and I am proud of my team for doing so well.  After such a long drought, it feels good to get my 28th championship.  I am going to keep my promise to not be totally upset if I don’t win another one, but I know I will be disappointed if I go this long without winning my last game again.

Really, when it all comes down to it, I played solid in playoffs this season.  I have had my issues in the past and I thought my best days were behind me.  This season, I played much more solid.  A total of 4 games played, only 4 goals against total, and a 3-1 record.  My only loss was a 1-0 game in the finals for my beginner team.  I really was a little disappointed in the outcome of that game.  I thought we could pull that game out if things fell into place for us.  As it turns out, it just wasn’t meant to be.

On Wednesday last week, I tweaked my back slightly in a hockey game.  Thursday I was feeling a little better and I rested it on Friday.  Saturday I was sore but feeling pretty good.  By the end of the night, I was in pain even worse than I was on Wednesday night.  I thought knee pain was bad.  This is horrible because of the fact you can’t twist certain ways and getting up after going down in a butterfly is not pleasant.  I spent my time Sunday and Monday resting my back, no exercise at all.  Today, I am stretching and slowly feeling better.  I am going to take Thursday off of ice hockey and rest up a little more.  Its my hope to ref ice hockey on Saturday and be 100%.  I am on target for that date.

I am pretty happy I have some time off before the next season begins.  Back about 6 years ago, I would get all upset about the break.  Now, with me getting older, I am cherishing the time off a little more often.

Where do I begin

I have sat here with this blank journal entry in front of me for the last few weeks.  Apparently, my status updates on facebook and twitter are getting a bit too short.  Its time to jump back on the blogging front.  All in all, 2010 was a great year.  Life treats me well that is for sure.  I have a great family, job, and I still enjoy playing hockey.  My knee pain is all but gone, and I have a great bunch of friends.  I don’t think things could be any better.

Last year, one of the goals I set for myself was to achieve 30 hockey championships.  After all I had 27 heading into the new year.  I promised myself I would never complain again if I lost in the playoffs after I hit 25 total championships.  Unfortunately, I have been true to my word.  I have been faced with many playoff disappointments over the course of the last few seasons.  Most of them where my teams have just been outplayed.  Of course, I probably shoulder the load of losing more than I should, which is a bad habit to get into.  Heaven knows I have had my chances, and this season is no exception.  I have 2 teams with top seeds that have the skill and ability to win division championships.  I am eager to get out there and prove myself once again.  The only thing standing in my way is my confidence level, which has not been very high after losing out over the course of the last year in situations like this.

There once was a time where I was considered to be the playoff goalie.  I would come up with those big saves in key situations.  I could steal games from top seeded teams and do what needed to be done in order to win games when the score was close.  Now, with me getting older, I have felt my confidence ebb away from me as I have come up empty in playoffs.

The glass half full part of me looks at my last ice hockey playoff victory when my 7th seeded team played the 2nd seeded team and won 2-1 in what probably was the best game I have played in a long time.  Not since I won my first ice hockey playoff game by a final score of 1-0 was a win that big for me and my team.  I intend to bring that same intensity and focus into the games tomorrow.  With any luck, the puck will bounce my teams’ way all day and I will turn my fortunes around.

Obviously, it’s a team effort.  We will win as a team and lose as a team.  No exceptions.

Here is to the best of luck to my teams tomorrow.