Live your life to its fullest

A few days ago, I heard that an ex-teammate of mine, Billy Wondergem, passed away in his sleep.  Here is a guy who was in great physical condition and a lot of fun to play hockey with.  I had the opportunity to play hockey with him over the course of the last few years.  Like most of my teammates, I took him for granted.  He had a huge heart, and I really wish I got to know him better than I did.

Just to hear of his passing really made me think about the little things.  Here is a guy who was on the up and up.  He was incredibly intelligent and fun to play hockey with.  He was working at Van Andel Institute and had his hands into some very important things like kidney cancer research.  I didn’t know that before he passed away.  I feel ashamed that I didn’t know more about him when he did pass.

This whole situation reminds me of another friend I lost a few years ago, Ben Pauls.  He was a very close friend who even today I feel bad that I wasn’t as close as I should have been.  Maybe if I had insisted to keep in touch with him, and pushed my way into his life more, he might not have committed suicide.

What is a man who does not make the world a better place to live?  A waste of a man.  Billy made the world a better place to live through is hard work and dedication in professional and personal life.  I strive to do the same thing, but I feel that I haven’t done enough.  Especially considering my age and experience.

In the end, its important to cherish every moment.  Live your life to its fullest.  You never know when it will all be over.  I will not be regretting my choices in life or regretting where life has taken me.  Life is too short to regret anything.