A disappointing end

The outcome again this season was the same as the last one.  A disappointing one.  I feel that I played average today.  I had a great first game, in fact, my team had a great first game in the beginner division.  My semifinal game in the beinner division was less than desired.  Then my undefeated team got bounced in the first round by the eventual champs.  I have to give kudos to both teams that won the championships in their respective divisions.  They were more skilled, and wanted it more.  We just couldn’t get anything going, and I didn’t play as good as I should have in either of the losses.

I am already planning on coming back again next season.  Both my teams are returning and I am looking forward to coming back for both of them.  It was a very successful season and I had a lot of fun playing.  At the same time though, I am not as skilled as I used to be.  My goaltending in big games has got to improve.