Vacation, Hockey, and the return to reffing

The last 6 weeks or so has been very good to me.  I continue to play in net 2-3 times per week which is quite fun to do.  With my injury issues behind me, I have been concentrating on playing a solid game in net.  It really is amazing just how much better you play when you aren’t worrying about a tweaked groin, knees hurting, and just the general aches and pains associated with playing hockey and other activities.

All my hockey teams are doing well.  My summer ice hockey league team just completed the season and now we are looking towards playing on Thursday nights.  The good news is the rink is closer to my house.  The bad news is that the competition will be just as tough for us.  We didn’t have a lot of luck beating teams in the league we just left, and now we are playing in another intermediate league.  It won’t be easy, but I will see how many games I can steal.

Speaking of stealing games, I have done that a few times in my beginner league.  My Here For Beer team won 4-1 last night in a game which I faced probably 30-40 shots.  One of the best games I have played in a long time.  We now sit 5-1 with 4 games to play.  I will have to play very sharp over the course of the next 4 games though because we don’t play easy teams.  Three of these games are against teams that are all playoff contenders.

Koster’s Angels, my intermediate team, is playing well but not all due to me.  They are just playing solid in front of me and so far I am undefeated with this team.  I have to really play sharp because we also have tough games where 4 of our last 5 games are all against playoff teams.

To be honest, I am more looking forward to some rest and relaxation.  Work and my MBA classes have been challenging.  Hockey has been fun but I need a small break from the game.  I am going to get it.  I have 3 games next week and then I am off for a week, which will be a much needed break for me.  I intend to come back fresh and ready to play some hockey.