Everybody gets knocked down

I feel that this Youtube video is a large reflection upon me playing goal.  I have always had a tendency to struggle in net.  At the same time, after I get knocked down, the key is to get back up and keep moving forward.  After a horrible playoffs last season where I didn’t win a game, its my job to right the ship and get better.

I felt that all the pieces were in place for me to win a championship last season.  It just didn’t happen for a variety of reasons.  I felt bad because of my performance, but it wasn’t all performance based.  My teams didn’t have the firepower, or the skill, or the manpower to compete in those games.  Sure, I could have played a bit better, and I do expect to play better next time around.

My Marketlab team is done for good, but I am on another couple teams this coming season.  Our beginner team will compete, but it won’t be a stellar team.  Our intermediate team will compete quite well in the division, but there will be stiff competition from many other teams.

I am going to enjoy this weekend.  I am going to rest and recharge for another fun hockey season.