Tempering my expectations

As Lewis Black has said, anticipation is better than the actual moment itself.  Well, to me, anticipating playing a hockey game has been a reflection of this.  Before every game, I know its going to be a good game.  I may not feel the best, and I may not be motivated to do well for various reasons, but I know that its going to be a good game.  Playoffs have always been a little different.  I have always wanted to do well in playoffs and I have had many fun playoff games where I have done well.  On the flip side, when I have done poorly, I tended to kick myself a little too hard (and sometimes not hard enough).

After an unprecedented run of success, I promised myself I would never complain about success in playoffs again.  About 5 months ago, I went from on the brink and not playing anymore due to my knees to a full season of pain free hockey.  Three months after the procedure, I am a new player.  I embraced a new attitude when playing hockey.  I started playing with friends have never played with before.  I have enjoyed hockey more this season than I have in a long time.

I have had a measure of success as well.  Marketlab placed first in the division.  Who Cares placed 3rd in the division.  Both teams earned playoff games and I am very happy about that.  No matter what happens on Saturday, I am going to sleep tomorrow night with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.