A little time away

After playing that big game with Marketlab on Thursday last week, I haven’t played another game since.  Missed my game on Tuesday because I was working late, but maybe that is a blessing in disguise.  My body has had a chance to heal up quite a bit in the last week.  At the time time, my desire to play hockey has been rekindled a bit.

Today I was hanging clothes in my closet and came across my hockey jerseys.  Some of them like my Chris Kunitz signed jersey brought back a lot of memories.  So did my Grand Rapids All Stars jersey.  Playing against those ex Red Wings players was in fact the opportunity of a lifetime.  Then I came across a yellow mesh jersey and I remembered the first team I ever played on, the Killer Bees.  I don’t remember the captain anymore, but I will never forget that name or some of the teammates I played with.  Some of them are still playing today.  Others I haven’t seen since I left that outdoor roller rink.

I guess a little time away is a good thing every now and again.  It allows me to reflect on what has happened, is happening, and what is coming down the road.  It also has allowed me to recharge my batteries and get ready for the most important 2 weeks leading up to the playoffs in a few weeks.

This playoff run I am going on now is quite special.  It will be my last time suiting up for Marketlab.  My last time suiting up in the top division.  My last chance to cement myself as a champion in the top division.  To go out on top really would make things right in my world.  The key will be delivering on that.  Of course, so much depends on my team and who shows up for these important games including playoffs.  Right now, my mind is on finishing the season strong.

Gotta sleep.  So much to do tomorrow.