After a disappointing and painful playoffs last season, I was going to “drive to get better”.  The specialist was only the first step.  After getting the gel fluid regulated in my knees, and spending a week stretching out, I returned to play in a tournament at Laser Skate.  I had a good team in front of me, and we went 3-1 taking 1st place.  It was the first time I have every won a tournament championship.  The last time I came close was back about eight years ago when my team made the finals and lost.  I got a plaque for “best goalie” in the division because of my play in the tournament.  No best goalie awards for me this time around though.  I didn’t deserve any as I was still slow to go down in my butterfly.

Ice hockey has gone a bit better as of late.  My first game back in ice hockey we lost and that was because I was so hesitant to drop into my butterfly.  Last night, in my second ice hockey game, I was much improved after playing in that tournament over the weekend.  If I get a win next weekend, my team will finish 5-3 which is the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the season.

I am really looking forward to rollerhockey starting up later this week.