Playoff disappointment and the drive to get better

Playoffs were a disappointment as both my teams came up short this season.  In both semifinal games, both my teams scored a grand total of a single goal.  We were shutout 3-0 in my Aluminum semifinal game with Who Cares.  Marketlab lost 4-1 in a very tough semifinal game.  I did win my quarterfinal game 5-0 which was great for my psyche, but still, coming up short is coming up short.

The really sad part is that I couldn’t physically play my Marketlab game because I was in bad shape.  My knees really ached after losing 3-0 in the first semifinal game.  I put my brother in at that point, but it was the first time that I gave up a game like that in the playoffs.  Very disappointing.  Not only for the loss, but for the fact that I could not play.

I now have an exercise regimen.  My knees are much better today because of not only therapy but additional gel injections.  I have been told to stay off the ice and avoid playing goalie for 1 week.  Keep exercising and stretching.  I am going to give it a go next week which will be my first game in over a week.  I will be a little rusty, but I am looking forward to a pain free experience playing hockey.  That in itself would be a huge improvement.

At the beginning of the year, I was hoping that I would achieve 30 championships in hockey.  I am hanging at 27 and having failed 2 times in a row after doing so well in the regular season, I have a lot to prove this season.  It is my hope that I can get 100% better this season and play the best hockey I have played in years.  A pain free season would do wonders for my confidence as well as my goaltending ability.

I am also making a promise not to set goals for championships anymore.  Sure, its nice to win.  At the same time though, its not the goal anymore.  No one will remember the championships my teams have won.  All the achievements are going away for me.  Now its all about playing with friends.

So now I have a drive to get better.  Not only physically, but mentally stronger.