Limping into the playoffs, literally

With one game remaining, both of my teams have limped into playoffs.  The key being “limped into” as that both my teams have made it and what a successful season it has been.  Who Cares secured a division crown which is something I am very proud of.  A team that we just threw together after half our team left from last season.  I am very proud of this team.  Marketlab also did very well by placing 3rd or 4th.  For a team that was built to play in Brass and ends up playing in Copper, thats more than I ever could have ever expected.

The only downside is that my teams haven’t really played to their potential.  Starting with me in net, I really haven’t played very well.  At the same time though, my teams haven’t brought their A games.  I am expecting a big game on Thursday from Marketlab and then a strong day on Saturday in playoffs.

After having so much playoff success, I have nothing to worry about.  I remember what it was like when I won my first championship.  Now, I will take the success when I can get it.  Its all about playing with my friends.

Speaking of playing, it was great to play without pain today.  First time in over 5 months!  The gel injections into my knees was a huge improvement.  At the same time though, I still have pressure on both kneecaps that just drove me nuts.  I was told to wait a few days before drawing a conclusion.  If it is bad tomorrow, I will make some adjustments for playoffs on Saturday, and then get some fluid removed on Monday.  Looking forward to more pain free games.

I have my home theater PC built and its ready for the Ceton card when it comes in the mail at the end of May.  I will have more on this later when I get the card.