Back to the winning ways

Thursday night hockey was brutal last week.  We were outplayed from the start and lost 6-4.  It was a game we should have won, but instead we looked horrible out there.  What’s worse is the fact that we lost to a team with only 4 guys who cycled the puck around us for the entire game.  What a miserable game.

After Thursday’s debacle, I really was feeling pretty low.  So with my teams help on Monday in ice hockey, I pitched a shutout.  I played decent, but my team really worked hard out there.  Without them it never would have been possible.

My teams are doing very well this season overall.  My Monday team is 2-0.  Who Cares has only lost once in OT.  Marketlab is in a firm playoff position.  The Kodiaks are playing decent considering the competition they are playing against is very stiff.  I may be playing my final game for them this season on Friday since the Griffins final home game is next week Friday.