Back to my blogging roots

When I started this blog, I was planning on blogging about my hockey escapades.  Then, after I was given some crappy news about my knees, I got away from that.  Maybe I have been overly nervous about how my hockey future will be affected.  Either way, its time to get back to my roots and start talking about hockey.

I had a pretty nasty shot go off my glove, where my fingertips are at on Friday.  Normally, I get a few of these stingers every now and again.  This time, it was pretty painful.  Friday night was the worst, but thanks to Ibuprofen, it is getting better.  I was just fine on Monday except for some discoloration and I couldn’t flex it all the way.  So I played on Monday and as Murphy’s Law would have it, I took my first shot off the same finger.  It still hurts today, but I should be ok to play tonight.

I started playing ice hockey on a new team on Monday for the next eight weeks.  Since Friday nights aren’t working for me schedule wise, I thought this would be a good way to get some goaltending in.  I played a very good game in a 3-2 victory on Monday.  In this short 8 game season, I will be happy if we finish 5-3.  I am one win closer to that 5 win goal.

Who Cares continues to roll on and same with Marketlab.  With 4 games remaining for each team, I have high hopes we will do very well come playoff time.  I am very much looking forward to finishing strong for both teams.